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DistanceLearningPortal offers education providers worldwide, a cost-effective way to tap into new markets. Developed with leading universities and associations in the field DistanceLearningPortal is the world’s premier information portal on online and distance education.

What makes us different

What makes us different DistanceLearningPortal offers learners a one-stop-shop on distance education and institutes. It is a highly effective marketing and recruitment channel – through a quality approach:

  • Market leadership: DistanceLearningPortal is the world’s premier information portal on online and distance education
  • Focus on student needs: We offer comprehensive information for students resulting in well informed prospects with high intent
  • 100% organic traffic: 2.5 million visits per month across all portals. 200,000 of those are prospective distance learners
  • Global outreach: visitors from over 234 countries/territories for a truly global coverage
  • High level cooperation: EADTU, ICDE, UNESCO and major universities such as Open University UK, University of London, and others

Your benefits

Combining free participation with effective, optional marketing services DistanceLearningPortal.com serves millions of distance learners per year. Further benefits include:

  • Industry leading conversion rates - through 100% organic traffic
  • Low effort - no data or administration efforts required
  • Minimum risk - you pay only for actual results
  • 100% compliant - In-depth program profiles and advanced searching and filtering options
  • Global outreach - Well informed international prospects with high intend to study with you
  • Advanced advertising options - Optional targeted advertisement services available

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