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Short Course Greek Mythology

What are Greek myths? Who told them and why? How can we interpret them? Why are they still so powerful? How much history do they contain? This course will explore these fascinating tales from the past and attempt to make sense of them.

Short Course The Fall of Rome

This course is designed as an introduction to various aspects of the intriguing history, vibrant culture and fascinating personalities of Ancient Rome and its enemies during its ‘decline and fall’ (or 'transformation') in the last two centuries of the Empire in the West.

Certificate Ancient Rome: the City, Society and Infrastructure

This course describes ancient Rome as the Romans saw it - not as stone ruins, but as a vibrant, living city. We see how the people of the largest metropolis on the planet in AD 200 were fed, governed and entertained; who the ancient Romans were and how they lived.

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Ancient history studies society, culture, politics and the intellectual world of old civilisations such as Egypt, Greece or Rome. The ancient history discipline provides information about the history and society of antiquity, from the beginnings of the classical civilization to the fall of the Roman Empire.

Ancient history is connected to similar disciplines such as anthropology, cultural studies and philosophy. Ancient history degrees offer students information on such topics as: Egyptian language, ancient world at war, Egyptian religion, Roman revolution, archaeology and artefact studies, ancient and early Christianity. Students will understand the relationships and connections between ancient world civilisations and the influence they had on later periods in history, as well as their relevance to our present society.

Students of ancient history courses develop skills in conducting research, developing historical theories, and presenting their discoveries. They will get in-depth knowledge of a variety of critical approaches to ancient history methodological questions and issues. Programmes in ancient history also equip students with abilities to analyse and summarise content, critically evaluate resources and build relevant arguments in verbal and written communication.

Graduates have moved on to careers in journalism, teaching, public relations, marketing and human resources.

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