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Islamic degrees unveil a multidisciplinary view of all aspects of Islam and the Islamic world. This discipline offers an academic approach that integrates comparative and theoretical methods that have developed in the modern academic study of Islam. Islamic studies integrate historical information coupled with cultural and religious studies, as well as philosophical thought.

Courses in Islamic studies include information on the Arab-Islamic civilization, such as the its main defining features, society and the culture of the Ottoman Empire. Students may also gain knowledge about the linguistic divergence and cultural convergence in the Islamic world throughout history. Additional classes include topics such as crisis revolution in the Middle East, the Qu'ran and its interpretations, or the religion of Islam.

Students will acquire advanced knowledge, which includes a highly developed comprehension of the theological, jurisprudential, historical, contemporary and spiritual aspects of Islam. Programmes in Islamic studies also prepare students for understanding the multiple ways in which Islam has shaped human experience both past and present.

Islamic studies graduates usually engage in jobs like: translators and interpreters; Middle East specialised journalists; newspaper, radio or television channel editors; and scientific researchers.

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Certificate The Ten-day Course of Philosophy of Islamic Art

Islamic art is a mystical and marvelous form of art spread widely geographically, across various nations. Iranian art, as a sub-category of Islamic art, has had an influential role in Islamic history and used to be the dominant form of art in many Islamic territories. Iranian Islamic art developed out of the beliefs, traditions, customs and lifestyles of the inhabitants of these areas. Iranian Islamic art always applies a symbolic language which shows philosophical truths governing the civilization of the ancient land of Iran. So expressing and understanding the all the aspects of such art need both historical analysis and philosophical and spiritual study.Therefore, along with chance to learn about the history and various styles of Islamic art works (the exoteric approach), the Course of the Philosophy of Islamic Art provides an opportunity to get acquainted with their cultural, religious and anthropological roots (the esoteric approach or Hikmah) in order to understand the noble world of Islamic art.program

Certificate Shi'i Islamic Studies Summer Course

The Shi’a Intensive Course endeavors to enhance scholarly attention to Shi’i Islam and offer an original and insightful understanding of its history, doctrines and practices. This immersive course provides 32 hours of academic lectures and discussion per week, along with the chance to take part in reflective events and visits to make the best of your international experience. 

B.A. Intelligence Studies (Middle Eastern Area Studies)

This degree provides instruction in the multidisciplinary field of intelligence studies and is designed for students who are currently employed or wish to pursue positions as military, civilian, or corporate intelligence specialists. The program's core courses impart substantive knowledge and analytic skills required by all professionals in the intelligence community.

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