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Bachelor Liberal Arts Degree

Start or finish your undergraduate degree part time. In the Bachelor Of Liberal Arts Degree program from Harvard University, you can sharpen your written and verbal communication, enhance your critical and analytical capacity, and deepen your knowledge in a chosen field for career advancement and personal growth.

Bachelor Diploma of Higher Education in Combined Social Sciences

Does material consumption make us happier? Is parenting a social as well as individual activity? How does recession affect ordinary households? This diploma explores how social scientists seek to answer some of today’s most pressing questions, and how they find evidence to test their ideas and theories. You’ll investigate the way our lives are shaped by individuals, groups and institutions – and by the end of your studies, you’ll have changed the way you look at the world forever.

M.A. Editing and Publishing

Extend your present qualifications and experience within the publishing industry through USQ’s Master of Arts (Editing and Publishing), with focus on ethical, management and legal elements of professional editing and publishing to supplement your research project. Your research project provides the opportunity to produce a large-scale editing and publishing project to further enhance your portfolio.

Humanities & Communication
Bachelor Arts/Bachelor of Science

The combined program offers students the opportunity to study in the area of Arts and this combined degree is ideal for students seeking a liberal education to pursue areas of interest in both science and humanities and offers students the opportunity to study in the area of Arts and Sciences in preparation for a wide range of careers.

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Liberal arts originate from antiquity, when they formed the basis of education for citizens of the Greek states. Today, the discipline includes a broad range of areas belonging to humanities, social sciences and natural sciences such as literature, languages, music, philosophy, history, mathematics, psychology, and more. These subjects can also be split into the categories of verbal arts, numerical arts and analytical arts. Liberal studies exclude any programmes related to the professional, vocational, or technical areas of study.

Liberal arts courses are especially popular in the U.S. where they are provided by liberal arts colleges as undergraduate programmes resulting in a B.Sc., a B.A. or an associate degree. Some programmes in liberal arts are similar to general studies by offering students the opportunity to choose a desired study tracks.

Liberal arts classes usually have a small number of students and rely more on student-teacher interaction. Students develop skills like critical thinking and the ability to communicate effectively verbally, as well as in writing. Students will achieve a sense of social responsibility, as well as strong intellectual and practical skills, demonstrating the ability to understand complex problems.

Graduates may find job opportunities in a wide range of areas including: art, education, politics, social work public service, military service, medicine, or law.

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