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Modern History

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Short Course The Making of Modern Britain

In 18th c Britain democracy was feared, protest was suppressed, religious intolerance prevailed. Over the next two hundred years, a modern, democratic, multicultural Britain emerged. This course will examine the key social, economic and political influences which have shaped Britain in the 21stc both as a nation state and as an international power.

Postgrad.Cert. World War II Studies

The Certificate in World war II Studies is designed for students interested in the strategy, tactics, leaders, and lessons learned from the blitzkreig into France, the Balkans, and the Soviet Union; the campaigns in North Africa and Italy; and the fighting in the China-Burma-India theatre, New Guinea, the Solomon Islands, the Aleutians, and the Philippines.

Short Course Birth of the Modern Mind: The Intellectual History of the 17th and 18th Centuries

Modern science, representative democracy, and a wave of wars were caused by a revolution of the intellect that seized Europe between 1600 and 1800. Shaking the minds of the continent like few things before or since, this revolution challenged previous ways of understanding reality and sparked what Professor Alan Charles Kors calls "perhaps the most profound transformation of European, if not human, life."


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Modern history examines the social, political and economic facts in the modern contemporary world. The discipline focuses on main concepts and notions of political history, social and cultural development in the world, in the period between the seventeenth and the twentieth century. Modern history courses analyse events such as revolutions, ideology, nation states, modern war, globalisation, political regimes, capitalism, totalitarianism, democracy, and communism. The field of modern history incorporates principles from philosophy, international law and sociology.

Curriculums in modern history touch upon subjects like the crisis of the world, the rise of national industrial empires, Christianity and sexual revolution, democracy and governance, classical political thought, international study in peace and conflict, the world at the beginning of the twentieth century.

Students learn to conduct historical inquiries, argument ideas in a concise manner. During this process, they will gain the ability to express their ideas clearly in both verbal and written form. Modern history experts are able to organise information resources in a logical and coherent way and to draw conclusions based on a responsible and thorough research.

Career path for modern history graduates includes many domains such as: politics, publishing, journalism, media, business and commerce, public sector administration.

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