International Business Academy

Kolding, Denmark

No. Students: 700 (300 int'l)* No. of Academic staff: 40
Funding type: Private

*: Approximate

* A firm theoretical foundation within a number of areas

* A unique combination of theoretical study with practical experience

* A double degree option - the opportunity to obtain two separate international bachelor awards delivered by IBA & London South Bank University

* The opportunity for the student to test his/her skills and knowledge in a variety of contexts the possibility for placement located in a different cultural environment, encountering practical problems which will require individual initiative and/or team skills

* The opportunity for the student to develop into a professional, competent, enthusiastic and internationally oriented individual

* A study environment which is globally and innovative oriented


IBA International Business Academy - Erhvervsakademi Kolding
With its roots going back more than 100 years, the IBA is today a major higher education institution in the heart of Denmark offering degree programmes in in Business, Marketing, Finance, Management, Entrepreneurship and Design.

IBA degrees cover a wide range of levels: Applied Professional (2 year Foundation), Bachelor, Masters and MBA. IBA study programmes combine a solid academic and theoretical foundation with the latest learning and teaching methods including multi-disciplinary, project/case-based, group work, blended learning practical experience. They are delivered full-time, part-time or by e-learning. The IBA works closely with companies and other organisations in Denmark and throughout the world.

Most IBA study programmes are taught in English or Danish and often include the opportunity for short or full semester study exchange, study visits, international events and competitions, and practical internships.
The IBA offers degrees validated by the Danish Education Ministry and by two modern and innovative universities in the UK.

Since August 2012, the IBA has become one of the new Danish Academies of Higher Education, known in Danish as EAKolding, operating on two sites and offering a wider range of study opportunities.
IBA students come from Denmark and abroad and form the basis for a lively, attractive and truly international study environment. Locally, regionally, nationally and globally, the IBA is synonymous with high-quality international business education.

The Academy offers a firm theoretical foundation in a dynamic combination of theoretical study with practical experience, the opportunity for the student to develop into a professional, competent, enthusiastic and internationally oriented individual and a study environment which is globally and innovative oriented.

As part of the introduction programme which also include a buddy- and tutor programme, the IBA offers exchange and international students a Danish language crash course. The purpose of the course is to learn some basic Danish language. In addition, throughout the stay at the IBA exchange and international students can sign up for an e-learning based Danish language course.

In co-operation with IBA students, staff, course managers and advisers from around the world, IBA has a quality-assurance process designed to maintain and improve standards in the various components of our programme delivery including: Teaching, work placements, projects, facilities and resources. Currently, there are approximately 350 students on IBA programmes. Students come from Denmark as well as abroad and they themselves form the basis for an interesting, attractive and international study environment. Locally, regionally, nationally and globally,

The International Business Academy is today synonymous with high-quality international business education.


Over the years, IBA has delivered a wide range of validated programmes in partnership with following institutions
The Open University
The Open University in Britain was the first British accreditation that we received in 1994. We went through a long and detailed process, the result of which was that we were approved and confirmed as being at the same level as British universities. From initial approval for the award of DipHE, IBA started the top-up bachelor degree from 1998

London South Bank University
London South Bank University (LSBU) was the second accreditation we received came from this university, who had taken an interest in IBA because of our knowledge and use of e-learning technology. IBAs e-learning concept was subsequently adopted by the university. This accreditation enabled IBA to offer the Master of Science in International Business in cooperation with LSBU. More recently, the BA degree (Bachelor degree) has also been transferred from the Open University to LSBU.

Coventry University
The third accreditation was awarded to IBA in 2006 by Coventry University, a renowned institution with a track record of international studies. As a result, the Executive MBA degree, which has been running for several years at Coventry University, is now offered at IBA by part-time study with a blended learning element, aimed at addressing the needs and time constraints of the modern business manager.

Network of International Business Schools
Network of International Business Schools (NIBS) - IBA has been an accredited member of this worldwide business school network since 1995. NIBS has introduced its own accreditation system. IBA was the first member to undergo the accreditation process, which toke place in February 2008. For more information on the NIBS network, see


IBA students have access to a large computer room with internet access 24 hours a day - only time of the year where they don't have access is in July. A large student common room is available for relaxation, group work and Friday-bar on Friday afternoons.

Apart from this, there is a library at the school. IBA also has a Student Council, a politically independent body representing students in negotiations with course management, lecturers and other employees at the school.
The Student Council is responsible for planning of activities such as PR/marketing,

The city of Kolding is situated in the middle of Denmark, easily accessible to almost anywhere in the country. Kolding is in the centre of the

IBA is less than 10 minutes walk from Kolding train and bus stations. There are direct train/bus connections to the rest of Denmark, Germany and the whole of Europe. Kolding is near Billund, Denmark.
With a high student population in relation to its size, including 3000 students in higher education alone, Kolding offers an ideal opportunity to meet people with similar interests.

Kolding offers a wide range of social and cultural activities. Most places are within easy walking distance, but a comprehensive local bus network and provisions for cykling are available. Kolding is in delightful surroundings, with parks, forest, lakes, and many indoor and outdoor facilities for sport and fitness activities. See
There is a wide range of good-quality accommodation in and around Kolding, including those that are reasonably priced.

Student life

A large student common room is available for relaxation, group work and Friday-bar (Down Under) on Friday afternoons.
How is life at IBA and what kind of activities are offered to the students? See some examples below.
Our aim is to offer a WIDE range of activities - opportunities to experience new and different things

An example af student activities that we have offered to students during the recent months:

* Bar-b-q at Lege Parken
* Parties at the Student House (in Kolding City where many other students gather)
* Attending a Kolding vs Viborg handball game
* Offering opportunities for students to have a meal with a Danish family (this is an on-going activity, not just a "one off")
* Learning clowning skills with a professional clown
* 5km/10km run
* 6km/10km/ walkathon
* 3 days with Danish lessons
* Hungarian meal
* Karate + philosophy workshop
* Guided tour of Koldinghus Castle
* Visit to a world re-known Design Kindergarten
* Pasta and chat meal
* Weekly aerobics