UBIS - University of Business and International Studies Geneva

Geneva, Switzerland
The University of Business & International Studies Geneva (UBIS) was established in Geneva, Switzerland and offers superior education and flexible programs in English that meet both the US and Bologna Accord standards. UBIS is also part of a US education group and this allows us to deliver DUAL U.S/SWISS DEGREE. UBIS is a Swiss University that welcomes students from all over the world and offers undergraduate and graduate degrees in Business Administration and International Relations. We also offers Special Certificates (Intensive Program (3 months) plus Internship that opens the doors to International Organizations and Banking institutions Our English speaking University is located in Geneva, in a very safe environment, home of the European United Nations. We give you the choice of physically studying in Geneva - the vibrant, global business capital - or to study ONLINE. JOIN US AND TAKE OFF TO A SUCCESSFUL CAREER
  • 5 Courses
  • 200 Students
  • Private Institution Type


The University of Business and International Studies (UBIS) features English-language-based programs that meet both the US standards and the Bologna accord standards, by offering a variety of programs online and on ground to students and working professionals.

This combination gives students a broad base of knowledge and specific skills that will be useful as they look to start their professional career.

Our programs:

Associate Degree

Bachelor Degrees (DUAL degree U.S./SWISS, in 4 years, ONLINE)

  • BBA - Bachelor in Business Administration
  • BA-IR - Bachelor of Arts in International Relations

Master degrees (1 ½year, available ONLINE or in GENEVA or a combination of both)

  • DUAL degree U.S./SWISSMaster in Business Administration (MBA)
  • DUAL degree U.S./SWISSExecutive Master in Business Administration (EMBA)
  • MA-IR - Master of Arts in International Relations
  • EMBA Executive Master in Business Administration

Certificate Programs ( 3 months courses in Geneva + Internship).

  • International Organizations
  • Banking and Financial Services



At UBIS, you will learn from personal experiences from the industrys most influential and competent leaders. Here are some faculty examples:

  • Former Director International Human Resources at Serono
  • Former Vice President - Middle East & Africa at PepsiCola International
  • Former Head of Credit Department, EFP Private Bank, Geneva
  • Former Head of WWF News Service/Communications Manager


UBIS gives you the choice of

  • Studying physically at our GENEVA campus or ONLINE or a COMBINATION of online and in Geneva
  • Starting whenever you want thanks to 6 ENTRY DATES per year
  • Your study itinerary


UBIS offers a friendly environment where you have direct and personalized contact with the professors. We strive to offer you tailored curricula to fit your specific needs, whether you study in Geneva or online.


At UBIS, we believe you are an important part of a family whose members come over 31 countries. Your experience with us will give you exposure to the international environment of Geneva (200 international organizations and 160 diplomatic missions) or the lifelong friendships you can develop with our staff, professors or fellow students.


Distance Learning courses

Social Sciences (3)
Business & Management (2)


At UBIS, students benefit from a growing range of services.

an e-learning platform or course management system, is a support to a modern and personal student-professor interaction. For each course the enrolled students are able to visualize the course syllabus, link to resources, participate to discussion forum, check and upload assignments, verify assignments' grades and professor's feedback.

The online registrar and bursar service allow students to enroll and pay for courses, to check course grades and credits, and GPA.


Students have access to books and on-line database material at UBIS library and also to materials at the library of the University of Geneva. UBIS staff will also aid students who wish to use the collections at the United Nations Library at the Palais des Nations


Welcome to the University of Business and International Studies Career Service Office (CSO). Our office acts as a liaison between our high caliber students and the international community. Our graduates are well sought after and find excellent positions upon graduating. Although UBIS does not guarantee employment upon graduation it assists students in finding a position. UBIS offers resume and cover letter workshops as well as mock interviews to help students find the best possible position upon graduation.

Students at UBIS are encouraged to take full advantage of the services and programs offered by the Career Service Office.


  • Resume clinics and Resume Programs
  • Mock Interview Program
  • Individual Counseling
  • Resource Center

Student Life

UBIS in Geneva

  • Downtown on the banks of the Rhône River
  • A few steps from the shores of Lake Geneva, the largest lake in Europe
  • Next to the financial centre (quartier des banques)
  • Easy access to the cultural and recreational facilities:
    Sport centers
    Museums, theatres, concert halls
    Hotels (200m from Hotel des Bergues, the city's first hotel, since 1834)
    Cafes and restaurants


UBIS grants both Bachelor degrees and Masters degrees to qualified students and is operated under the authorization of Geneva Cantonal Department of Education. UBIS is authorized as a private university by the Government of Geneva, Switzerland. Geneva has its own autonomous governmental office of education (similar to a national ministry), and its authority is recognized across the country. UBIS is not only registered as a private university with the Geneva Department of Education ('Department d'instruction public'), but we are obliged to report to the government office at least once a year about the diploma programs and the faculty, as well as be ready anytime to report to auditors.

Our programs are set up to meet both the requirements of American universities and European universities via the Bologna Accord. UBIS is presently developing partnerships with universities in the USA and elsewhere in the world, which would allow students to study for a semester in another schools and thus obtain broader international experience. UBIS follows the American course development and course content principles that are prescribed by accreditation agencies such as the Middle States Accreditation commission in the USA. This is to guarantee that courses are taught according to the best USA academic standards and that the materials that students learn are accordingly rigorous and demanding. Knowing this should help any student find future studies or employment in the USA or elsewhere in countries that observe the same high educational standards. Please see our website, http://www.ubis-geneva.ch/about-ubis/memberships-certifications/ for more information and please note that we have received Eduqua certification in July 2009, and are members of both IACBE and ECIS giving us affiliations with Swiss and European institutions

Our sister school, Potomac College, has Middle States regional accreditation in the USA and is the provider of the online courses for UBIS students. Potomac College has a articulation agreement with UBIS whereby UBIS students can be jointly enrolled as Potomac college students to enable the granting of US credit hours. Therefore, as a participant of this program, students will simultaneously receive 3 credits for each online course from bothUBIS and Potomac College, Washington, DC, USA. By taking the required 123 credits online with UBIS, students will receive both the UBIS undergraduate degree, recognized in Switzerland and the Potomac College Undergraduate degree with US accreditation upon successful completion of the student's studies.

Qualifying on ground students are also eligible for the double diploma by transferring their on ground credits to Potomac College and on the condition they take their final 10 classes either on-line or on ground at Potomac.

A UBIS diploma allows a student to apply to schools throughout the world, however, every school determines on its own the other schools from where it will accept students, and no school can demand from another school that its diplomas must be recognized. However, recognition is not merely a matter of formal recognition; it is also a question of student presentations in their subsequent applications to other schools. High academic performers always find new/next schools to move on to and have the intellectual capacity to show to their new school that their past studies were legitimate and sincere.

A diploma from a private Swiss university is respected in most countries around the world. Should any future employer have any doubts about a former student's application for a job, direct contact can always be made with UBIS to confirm that the former student did indeed complete his/her studies.

I hope this has helped answer some of your questions and I look forward to perhaps receiving your application in the not so distant future, so you too can benefit from both a Swiss degree and a US one upon completion of your on-line studies through UBIS.

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