Diploma MSc, in partnership with the University of South Wales, provides Postgraduate Diplomas and Masters courses in healthcare. Since 2010 over 1000 healthcare professionals have decided to progress their medical careers with one of our qualifications.

Top 3 reasons to study here

  • Diploma MSc's parent company, Learna Ltd have been delivering high-quality, flexible medical education and CPD for healthcare professionals.
  • Diploma MSc's mission is to enrich the life and career of international healthcare professionals, creating leaders in the community.
  • We empower healthcare professionals to continue their education in their own time through a flexible online learning portal containing high quality resources.



Diploma MSc courses are authored and delivered by an expert board of internationally recognised educational leaders. This ensures that each course is delivered to a high standard and students have access to the best. All courses are accessible 24/7 allowing you to study at a time and pace that suits your busy lifestyle.

Our courses are perfect for existing healthcare professionals to expand on their qualifications without having to take time out from their careers. Our online Postgraduate Diploma and MSc qualifications can be completed in your own time as they are entirely online. We strive to deliver Quality, Flexibility and Empowerment across all our courses.

Distance Learning Courses

Hospitality, Leisure & Sports (2)
Social Sciences (2)

Cardiff, Wales, United Kingdom

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