ISM University of Management and Economics

Vilnius, Lithuania
ISM University of Management and Economics is an institution of undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate education in business, management and economics. The University serves as an advanced centre of market analysis, executive training and leading academic thought.



Since starting its activities in 1999, ISM University of Management and Economics had one aim from the very beginning – to offer innovative, qualitative studies and training of management and economics for creative, ambitious young persons and already experienced business managers.


  • The objectives of the Undergraduate School are to develop the appropriate professional abilities and educate a mature and well-rounded personality. The ISM Bachelor’s Degree provides both a substantial theoretical background and practical experience and also imparts the desire for continuous improvement.
  • The Graduate School encourages aspiring young specialists to follow the direction of today's business needs and foster ideas and better solutions for tomorrow's global economy.
  • ISM is the first and the only private university in Lithuania offering a Doctoral Studies Programme in Management and Administration.
  • Master executive studies.
  • In company trainings
  • Short-term studies
  • Summer School


ISM University of Management and Economics aims at new knowledge and ideas development and communication to create future perspectives in economics, politics and business.

The internationally oriented research is committed to excellence, addressing the evolving challenges of society, economy and corporate sector, aiming at wider impact and delivery of public benefit.

Research groups are focused on areas relevant to governments, economies, businesses, locally and regionally, and contribute to the development of research-based education, supporting blended learning opportunities.


Career Centre is a chain that links ISM students and alumni members with business entities and governmental organizations.

  • Career of ISM graduates is the best indicator of University’s study quality. According to a survey of bachelor graduates, in 2013, 24 proc. of graduates owned their business, 2 proc. were top executives, 14 proc. – middle managers, 51 proc. – managers and specialists, 4 proc. were continuing their academic studies.
  • 22% of MSc graduates indicated they have their own business, 7% of graduates hold the TOP management positions, 21% - middle management, 42% are managers and specialists. In another areas work just one percent of MSc graduates, 3% are unemployed.

Distance Learning Courses

Business & Management (1)


Housing services

We are pleased to welcome new students at ISM and we are willing to help you to find the accommodation during the study period.

Please be aware that ISM does not have its own dormitories, but for the convenience of students ISM has made contract with “Capital Property” real estate agency which mediates with hostels/flats owners and helps to find the best accommodation solutions for ISM students.

Other Housing Options:

  • Your own apartment
  • Shared apartment
  • Long term stay at corner hotels

Library services

ISM library makes it easier, more comfortable and fun to learn, search for information, prepare for examinations and create new projects. It comprises different rooms: general reading-room, group work room and quiet room.

In the library funds you will find the newest and time tested collection of scientific and popular management, economics, finance, marketing books and books on other topics.

Medical services

If you are a resident of the European Union, Lichtenstein, Iceland, Norway or Switzerland you are insured through your own national health service.

When you visit Lithuania, please have one of these documents confirming your entitlement to reimbursement of health care services:

  • European Health Insurance Card (EHIC)
  • Provisional Replacement Certificate (PRC)
  • Certificate E 106
  • Certificate E 109

Student Life

Campus life

Southern architecture under the northern sky, the Vilnius amphitheatre nestled among hills interspersed with groves and green areas, summer cumuli and autumn haze – all this provides breathtaking views and radiates the spirit of the freedom and individuality of Europe.

Having almost 70,000 students attending seven universities, numerous art galleries, bustling festivals and leisure activities, Vilnius is the cultural center of the Baltic region. Vilnius is a city with a rich history and one of the biggest old towns in Northern Europe.

Because of its uniqueness, the Old Town of Vilnius was added to the UNESCO World Heritage List. And ISM is right in the middle of old town!

Student clubs

We aim at helping the students to find their area of interest not only in the academic context, but also outside the university hours. ISM students have an opportunity to join one or several student organisations and realise themselves by becoming an active part of a student society.

  • Debate Club
  • ISM Investors Club
  • ISM Political Club
  • ISM Student consulting club
  • ISM Basketball Club
  • ISM Student Council (ISM SC)
  • ISM University Rowing Club
  • ISM Vocal Ensemble
  • Marketing Group


  • International Quality Accreditation (IQA)
  • Awarded to ISM in 2006 by the Central and East European Management Development Association (CEEMAN).
  • European Credit Transfer Label (ECTS label)
  • Accreditation by the Lithuanian Centre for Quality Assessment in Higher Education

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