At John Cabot University in Rome, Italy, you will learn in small classes from professors who encourage dialogue and use the city of Rome as a learning laboratory. There are also opportunities for internships at multinational companies, international organizations, NGOs, consulates, or government offices, as well as opportunities for study to Africa, the Middle East, Asia and throughout Europe.

Top 3 reasons to study here

  • Founded in 1972, JCU is the first American regionally accredited overseas liberal arts university in Italy.
  • 100 Faculty members with over 90 percent of full-time faculty holding PhDs from some of the world's most prestigious institutions.
  • 1150 students from over 70 countries, including visiting students from prestigious universities across the United States.



John Cabot University, founded in 1972, is an independent liberal arts university offering undergraduate degrees and study abroad programs to English-speaking students from all over the world.


JCU is a liberal arts university offering Bachelor of Arts degrees in 13 majors:

  • Art History
  • Business Administration
  • Classical Studies
  • Communications
  • Economics and Finance
  • English Literature
  • History
  • Humanistic Studies
  • International Affairs
  • International Business
  • Italian Studies
  • Marketing
  • Political Science


We offer a variety of events and services to assist John Cabot students and alumni in gaining work experience and preparing for their professional careers.

Our services include: Job Opportunities, CV/Resume Building, Cover Letter Writing, Student Advising, Career Fairs, Seminars, Special Lectures, Graduate School Fairs.

Distance Learning Courses

Arts, Design & Architecture (1)


Student services

Student life in Rome at John Cabot University reflects our sophisticated, international student community. Students here enjoy debating art and politics, going to the cinema and opera, attending lectures and concerts, exploring Rome and the Italian countryside, and helping others.

John Cabot University's size will make it easy for you to get involved on campus in leadership roles. Become part of Student Government, participate in Model United Nations, raise money for humanitarian causes, or distinguish yourself as a JCU soccer star.

Housing services

Welcome to John Cabot University Housing! At JCU, your academic environment is American, your surrounding community is Italian and your neighbors come from all over the world.

John Cabot University is proud to offer an American education in an international environment to every student. The Office of Housing and Residential Life functions in line with this commitment by offering university housing that provides students an opportunity to live in an international community consisting of their peers and staff from different countries, cultures, and backgrounds.

Library services

Located in the Guarini Campus, the Frohring Library is a unique, dynamic, and highly appreciated learning environment open to all the members of the University community. It provides access to one of the best academic English language collections in Rome.

Medical services

For the convenience of the student body, John Cabot has a doctor on campus twice a week as well as a kinesiologist . An English speaking house-call service is also available to address additional healthcare concerns.

Student Life

Campus life


The Guarini campus hosts the Aula Magna Regina auditorium as well as the Frohring Library, one of Italy's most comprehensive English language libraries. The Guarini campus also hosts numerous study rooms, a multimedia lab and media room, a meditation garden, as well as JCU administrative offices.


JCU's Tiber Campus is located on the banks of Rome's famous Tiber river and a five-minute walk from Guarini. The Campus houses JCU offices such as Student Services and Counseling. The Tiber Campus is home to John Cabot University's cafeteria. The Tiber Cafe serves breakfast, lunch, and dinner and offers various meal plan options.

Sports facilities

John Cabot University welcomes students, faculty, and staff to participate in the Recreational Sports Program. The program is designed to promote an active and healthy lifestyle, while encouraging participants to have fun.


John Cabot University is accredited by the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.

The Middle States Commission on Higher Education is a voluntary, non-governmental, peer-based membership association dedicated to educational excellence and improvement through peer-evaluation and accreditation. Accreditation by the Commission on Higher Education is an expression of confidence in an institution

Other Degrees

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