Online Student Experience: Priscilla's Distance Learning Business Studies

by Priscilla Toppi

Last April I graduated in Economics and Business Administration at UNINETTUNO. I succeed in reaching this goal thanks to the distance learning model, which allows students to combine work and study.

Even if it is an e-learning university, I was supported during my entire university path by the presence of a tutor and by the organisation of the learning environments (pages of the courses and pages of the tutor) and thanks to the fact that I could watch the video lessons through my mobile device (smartphone and tablet).

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Strong tutor support in all phases of my studies

Once you choose the course you want to follow, entering the relative page, I attended the video lessons online thanks their very high degree of accessibility assured by the indexing of the issues being treated and to their associated bookmarks (graphical icons representing links to the learning materials). 

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In addition, I was able to check my learning progress making self-evaluation exercises linked to the video lessons (some of which were to be submitted to the tutor to be admitted to the exams), by exchanging views with other students and with the tutor thanks to tools such as chats and forums.

In order to be able to pass the exam, I combined to the video lessons and exercises, my study of the textbook and on other training materials, such as slides and articles, recommended for that study programme.

Various communication tools keeping you on track

The tutor’s profile, who acts as a bridge between the student and the university itself, helped and supported me during my learning progress thanks to all synchronic e-learning tools, such as chats, virtual classrooms and diachronic ones such as e-mails and forums. As a working student, I always succeeded in managing at best my working activity and my study thanks to other tools that were available to me: the Agenda, the Didactic Planning, the Administration Secretariat, the Student Secretariat.

The Agenda, that is always available in the Student’s Page, allowed me to display the weekly meetings for Chats, Virtual Classrooms and Tutoring Activities related to the courses for which I was enrolled; since the didactic planning was online since the beginning of the academic year, this allowed me to plan my university activities based on course delivery periods and exam sessions.

The Administration Secretariat and the Students Secretariat enable me to manage online payments, exam booking and relative record keeping, certifications and electronic university booklet.

Quality distance education with a personal touch

This path represented a twofold experience to me: on the one hand, I acquired new knowledge and highly professionalising notions, on the other hand, it gave me the opportunity to meet wonderful people, with whom I shared friendship, complicity and great humanity.

This is one of the great qualities of UNINETTUNO: it makes you feel a person and not a number, as it happens in traditional universities. This was made possible also thanks to some tools, such as Forums, the Community and official channels such as Social Networks that enabled me to exchange views and meet my student mates of economics as well as students of other faculties. Studying, keeping on working with no limits of space and time. My dream came true on the day of my graduation, 23rd of April 2012.

Priscilla Toppi, 27-year-old, graduated in April 2012 in Economic and Business Management

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