10 Top Universities in the U.S. for an Online Teaching Degree

Many licensed teachers and educators are interested in completing an online Master’s in Education to further develop their skills and advance in their career. A distance learning degree in Education is one of the most convenient methods for current professionals to expand their knowledge in a certain area of the field. Online Teaching degrees offer great flexibility and provide the same diploma as for on-campus students.

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10 American universities offering online Masters in Education

If you’re looking to earn a Master’s degree at a top university in the U.S., check out the top 10 ones according to the U.S. News Ranking. Here are the best colleges and universities in the United States that offer online Masters in Education:

1. University of Florida 

The University of Florida avails a wide range of online Master's degree courses in areas like: art education, curriculum teaching, elementary education, English education, family counselling, special education.

A part of the University of Florida's prestige is the fact that it is a member of the Association of American Universities (AAU), and the university is committed to guaranteeing academic excellence, especially considering that the same professors teach on-campus as well as online students.

2. University of Houston

At the University of Houston, you can further specialise in the field of Education in areas such as adult and higher education, early childhood, educational technology, elementary education, and health science education.

The University of Houston is a Tier 1 university, becoming one of the leaders in the top category of research universities. The university also prides itself with its over 10,000 graduate students each year, taking leadership positions in arts, education, and governmental agencies throughout the entire world.

3. Florida State University

Online students applying to the Florida State University can choose from specialisations like education policy and evaluation, educational leadership and administration, learning and cognition, coaching, and institutional research.

The Florida State University offers an educational experience that includes engaging lectures, interactive learning and small classes with mentoring opportunities. The university guarantees that diplomas for distance learning are identical with those for on-site learning.

4. University of Georgia 

At the University of Georgia, you can develop your knowledge and skills in the following domains of education: workforce education, adult education, educational psychology, applied cognition, reading education, and music education.

The University of Georgia has a long history and tradition in terms of academic enhancement, as it is the birthplace of the American system of public higher education and the first state university in the States.

The University of Georgia is dedicated to offering a teaching and learning environment that suits diverse students and provides high-class academic support services. In addition, online teachers are industry leaders with vast experience, committed to advance high levels of student achievement.

5. Northern Illinois University 

If you’re interested in fields like elementary education, art education, educational administration, instructional technology, literacy education, adult and higher education, you can find all these specialisations at the Northern Illinois University.

Online programs at the Northern Illinois University are known for their excellence and flexibility, as the university is affiliated to Quality Matters (QM), an international organization that researches and promotes the highest quality in online learning.

All of the online graduate programs of the Northern Illinois University have been ranked by U.S. News for three years in a row.

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6. Pennsylvania State University

The Pennsylvania State University focuses mainly on curriculum and instruction, higher education and special education online graduate programs.

The Pennsylvania State University has been delivering distance education programs for over 100 years, starting with correspondence courses. With a curriculum based on the latest innovations in the industry, online Master's degrees in Education provide an engaged and diverse network of peers. Additionally, teachers are respected faculty members, with advanced expertise in their fields.

The curriculum of online courses is exactly the same as for on-campus courses and students get to combine self-study with peer and instructor interaction.

7. Auburn University 

The Auburn University has numerous Education degrees in areas like administration of elementary and secondary education, business education, music education, early childhood special education, rehabilitation counselling, and English for speakers of other languages.

The mission of the Auburn University is to focus on offering students the latest instructional and outreach technologies available and is committed to preparing the next generation of leaders and professionals in the field of Education.

8. University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign 

At the University of Illinois, students can apply to online degrees in fields like English as a second language, diversity and equity in education, international education administration, learning design and leadership, teacher leader, and agricultural education, quite a unique field.

Covering over 5 million students who enrol to distance education courses each year, the University of Illinois has earned its reputation and strives to become a leader in innovative distance and online education.

9. George Washington University 

The George Washington University offers mainly distance Master's degrees in curriculum and pedagogy, educational leadership, and special education.

Online Master's programmes at the Washington University focus on small classes that would ensure a high level of interactivity with instructors and peers as well. Covering video seminars, discussion threads and customized projects, the George Washington University guarantees students will receive a professional and enriching educational experience.

10. University of Massachusetts – Lowell 

At the University of Massachusetts – Lowell, teachers and educators can enrol in Master's programs in Education that focus on topics like autism studies, science education, reading and language, education administration, education in leadership and schooling.

Counting thousands of students that studied entirely online in its alumni, the University of Massachusetts is accredited by the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education. The University of Massachusetts has a solid reputation and prestige, as it has won several prizes and awards related to online education from several educational organisations such as U.S. News, Best Colleges, Get Educated, Affordable Colleges Online and Online Learning Consortium.

Why pursue an online graduate program in Education?

Online programs in Education provide the opportunity to continue your work, while at the same time earning a Master’s degree. They could be the perfect fit for you, as a future expert in your chosen area of Education. The pre-requisite to enrol in an online graduate Master’s degree in Education is to have a Bachelor’s degree, in any field. 

However, if your goal is to teach a certain subject, you will be required to hold a Bachelor’s degree in the same subject area or one that is very closely related. For example, if you want to become an art teacher, your prior studies should have been focused on art.

Teachers along with curriculum developers, corporate trainers, counsellors, education specialists can apply to a postgraduate Master's programme in Education. Distance learning Education degrees include a wide and varied palette of subject areas like: TESOL (teaching English as a second language), international education, teaching, special education, childhood education, counselling, educational leadership, classroom management, educational history and philosophy, educational psychology, digital learning and more.

Most of the online Master's degrees in Education provide students with the opportunity to study at their own pace, meaning all courses are available for the entire duration of the programme, so they can combine online class-attendance with their own personal schedule.

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Distance learning can help you become a great teacher!

This is just a small list of the best colleges and universities where you can apply to for an online Education degree. Thus, you should extend your research to other universities as well and find the perfect Master program in education that fits with your career goals 100%.

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