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When I was a graduate student, I used to tell my friends that, in any given week, I spent more time studying in the library and at my university than I did in my own bed. Speaking to other students who are enrolled in traditional Bachelor’s or Master’s programmes, I discovered that this feeling is quite common. Luckily for me and my fellow classmates, there was hardly a reason to spend time at home, other than to eat and sleep.

Some people, though, have important lives with families and children at home and need to be available at home during more hours of the week. With these responsibilities, many feel that they cannot afford to spend time getting a degree on campus and enrolling in a distance learning programme is the perfect choice for them.

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Distance learning courses offer the perfect amount of flexibility for those of us who have other time constraints and responsibilities. Distance learning programmes and online courses are made specifically so that students can work on a schedule that suits them, and work from whichever location they want. If you’re someone who appreciates the peace and quiet of home, or someone who is needed at home during the week, distance learning programmes and online courses may be just the thing for you. Below you can read more information and details about distance learning programmes, learning how to manage your life and schedule through distance learning courses.

How does distance learning work?

We call these programmes ‘distance learning’ because they allow you to take your courses at a distance. You can study and learn from your home, your favorite café, in the airport…pretty much anywhere that has a reliable internet connection. Once you have access to a computer, you can log on and watch lectures, participate in discussions, and take tests during any time and at any location you choose.

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This means, quite obviously, that you are not limited to the constraints of classroom schedules, and you are not confined to study at a specific university, or in any particular city. Distance learning extends to those who, well, work from a distance – from any part of the world!

For those of us, therefore, who are needed at home more often, and cannot be burdened or expected to constantly spend our weeks at a campus will find distance learning to be the most manageable education option and model to meet their needs.

To find yourself at a university that offers you the kind of flexibility you need to manage your home life, check out these three universities:

Managing your life around your distance learning course

When you join a distance learning programme, students discover the challenge of having to motivate themselves and manage their own time for completing their degree programme.

Without the pressure of having classes, lectures, and exam schedules, your schedule is instead left up to you. The challenge here, then, is deciding on your own when you’re going to teach yourself, listen to lectures, and take your tests.

So, when you have a busier life with a busier schedule, you can use distance learning programmes to your advantage, working in your classes and lectures around your life. In essence: make your distance learning programmes work for you, on your own terms.

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Education for a 21st Century life

These days, distance learning is starting to shape and change the way that traditional university education is delivered. With advances in technology and a changing global landscape, we are now seeing a need for education adapt according to the demands of growing economic change. Distance learning, in many ways, one of the ways of adapting to the unique needs of students in this day and age.

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This includes, too, having a work and family life that requires you to be at home more often. Ambitious, hardworking, and curious students are still eager to learn, despite the various responsibilities and burdens they have. So, if you’re still interested in picking up a textbook, listening to a lecture, gaining skills for a career, and getting a new degree, a distance learning programme is the ideal way to achieve all of those from the comfort of your own home, no matter where you live.

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