6 Answers For Deciding on The Most Affordable High-Quality Distance Learning Degree

Online degrees are an effective alternative to going abroad, to study on-campus at a university, especially if you have already begun your career path and can’t afford to move. Besides the clear advantage of saving time and energy, distance learning also has the benefit of being a low-cost option for your higher education. But this raises some questions, especially for people searching to make the best investment in their education.

Here are some of the most common questions regarding the costs of online degrees:

1. What are the costs of online degrees?

Whether they are public institutions offering online degrees or private entities intent on making a profit, distance learning providers compete with each other to attract the most students. One way they do this is through a competitive offer of fees and costs.

Tuition varies greatly, as it is the case with regular study programmes, with an average of 1700-2000 EUR/year. Some of these degrees offer free tuition. They still require the payment of enrolment fees, semester fees or other administrative costs totalizing between 100-200 EUR. This is done for financial reasons, but also to deter uncommitted enrolment and attendance by students.

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2. Are online degrees cheaper than on-campus degrees?

Just like some on-campus degrees, online degrees have moderate tuition costs, with some providers offering free tuition for their programmes. However, unlike campus-based studies, online degrees have the implicit financial advantage of not requiring additional costs for moving, housing, transport from campus to classrooms and other expenses related to studying abroad. Therefore, online degrees are considerably more affordable than classical university study programmes.

3. Why are some distance learning programmes cheaper than others?

But not all online degrees are cheap. The differences in prices for tuition between online degree providers are explained by the struggle by institutions to provide inexpensive and affordable study options. While some universities rely on their reputation and tradition or the available online facilities to justify increased prices, others use their affordable prices to attract greater numbers of students and out-compete their opponents.

4. Are low-cost degrees of poor quality?

The obvious answer is not necessarily. While there are many offers for cheap tuition programmes, it is not the only criteria to take into account. Students are interested in the quality of online degrees, not only their convenience.

Accreditation for online degrees is just as relevant and thorough as it is for any regular university programme. But there are also other types of information to help you recognise diploma mills. Read more about how to identify top quality online degrees

5. Why are some online degrees free?

Well, while tuition may be free to stimulate enrolment and graduate rates, online universities still manage to survive financially without compromising on the quality of their programmes. State universities are financed by the central or local administration, which aims to raise the education level of its citizens. 

Private education providers usually profit from the fact that online universities do not have limited memberships or participants, with courses managing to reach hundreds or thousands of online students at once. Therefore, the reduced administration taxes or enrolment fees are sufficient, paid by greater numbers or students, to ensure the quality of a free or cheap online degree.

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6. How do I find the most affordable online courses?

The online degree providers are not always the same ones as the universities offering attendance degrees and, therefore, you must be careful when filtering through potential scammers and unaccredited institutions. The best way to find the complete and correct information about your options for affordable online degrees is to reach out to DistanceLearningPortal, the global information website for online and distance education.

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Whether you are drawn by the lower overall costs, the option of effortlessly working while studying or by the excellent time management opportunities, online degrees are an integral part of global higher education. This upcoming favourite study option among young people and ambitious professionals will likely increase, diversify and improve in the years to come. So go ahead and embrace the future!

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