What to Expect When Studying an Online Bachelor's Degree - 6 Main Advantages

Doing an online Bachelor’s degree is an ideal alternative if you want to advance professionally, but lack the time to do a traditional, on-campus Bachelor’s programme.

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Maybe you want to retrain in a new profession without quitting your job, or maybe you really want to study at an international university that is too far away from you; either way, long distance learning offers you the flexibility and independence you need.

Well, we’re here to help you understand how distance learning undergraduate degrees work, what are the main reasons why they are popular, and where you can study the best online Bachelor’s programmes.

What’s the big deal about online Bachelors?

It’s easy to do an online Bachelor’s degree: you just need to apply and enrol at the university you choose, typically via a digital platform (obviously).

Once you are enrolled, courses are typically in a video or text format, and cover one module per week, like in a traditional class.

Your teachers or instructors will post deadlines, reading materials, assignments, and online participation requirements, but you should note that some distance-learning programmes require you to take the exams on campus, even if all the courses take place online. And we can’t stress this enough, but check this out when you pick your online Bachelor’s!

If you’re unsure what distance learning programmes to consider, then you should definitively check out these really popular options:

Reasons to study an online Bachelor’s

There are many reasons why online degrees are growing in popularity. Here are some of them:

1. You can make your own study schedule

An distance learning programme means that you can set up your own schedule to attend online classes and do assignments. For example, you’ll have a whole week to watch a class posted on a given day, until the next class is uploaded. Think of it as a long-distance relationship with benefits.

2. You are not tied to a location

One of the best things about online Bachelors is that you don’t have to be physically present on campus to attend classes. This opens numerous opportunities, because you can do your Bachelor’s even at an international university. No trying to fit your whole life into a suitcase, or to figure out the difference between Fahrenheit and Celsius.

3. The application and admission processes are easier

Distance-learning Bachelor’s programmes have a simple application and admission process. Some universities even take in students with a minimum grade average or with lower language scores.

And there are no age or studies limit, which makes this type of Bachelor’s degree an excellent option for those who are past their college years, but want to retrain in another profession.

4. There are a lot of study options

Although the online studies trend started in the US and the UK, many countries have expanded their online Bachelor’s programmes, nowadays.

For instance, it is possible to study almost anything online, including Health and Social Care or Engineering, for example. What an amazing time to be alive, isn’t it?

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5. An online Bachelor’s is less expensive than a normal one

The costs of an online Bachelor’s degree start at as little as 300 EUR/ year, which is really, really cheap, compared to on-campus education. Add in the fact that you don’t have to spend money on living costs in another city, and you can call it a bargain.

6. Your teachers will help you along the way

Most online teachers and instructors are always willing to assist their online students and provide individual feedback. So, not to worry: you will get attention and support, even if you won’t see them face-to-face.

What to study in an online Bachelor’s

Now that you know how the whole thing works, you should consider what the best study options are for an online Bachelor’s degree.

Some programmes—especially those that require technical and practical lab courses— won’t be available, but there are, still, a lot of degrees you can choose. For instance:

Is an online Bachelor’s right for you?

While there are many reasons why you should study an online Bachelor’s programme, you should also think about possible disadvantages, because you want to make sure you cover all points, both negative, and positive.

Some possible downsides can be:

  • Little or no face-to-face interactions with colleagues and teachers;
  • Sporadic technical problems with the online platform, that can be frustrating and delay your schedule. Expect a lot of meetings starting with “Hello? Can you hear me? I can hear you.”;
  • Hard to keep up with the schedule if you lack self-motivation or tend to procrastinate. You will have to meet certain points at certain intervals in your education, so spending a whole night awake before an exam won’t cut it here.

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For the independent autodidact in you, doing an online Bachelor’s degree might be just what the doctor ordered. So, go check out more online Bachelors and start advancing your career!

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