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Why and Where to Study an Online Bachelor's in Computer Science in 2023?

Computer Science can be summed up in three words: creative, pioneering, and adaptable.

If you know a programmer is not a machine that turns coffee into code, and you are thinking about doing a Bachelor’s in Computer Science and IT, you should know everybody needs people like you.

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For this reason and more, universities have expanded their offer to include both on-campus and distance-learning Computer Science Bachelors. In the fast-track world we live in, many Bachelor’s students go for distance learning options. 

They choose an online Bachelor’s in Computer Science because they want to work, to spend more time with their family, or because they want to follow two degrees in parallel. And because they already know the benefits of distance learning Bachelor’s. Do you know them?

Top advantages of studying an online Bachelor’s in Computer Science

Various benefits convince Bachelor’s students to do an online Bachelor’s in Computer Science, and it’s not because they like sitting in dark rooms and type fast. Here’s some of the most convincing ones.

  • Tailored timeline — you can opt for an accelerated programme, meaning you will graduate earlier than those who do an on-campus degree.
  • Flexible schedule — you can watch classes and do assignments in your own time. This is an excellent benefit if you work or pursue other studies.
  • Your Online Bachelor’s degree will be recognised — most online universities have credited programmes. Your studies will be worth as much as on-campus ones.
  • Easier entry — admission criteria is more flexible. You can get in with a lower grade average, and there’s less paperwork to struggle with.
  • Online Bachelors are cheaper — because the resources used by universities in online undergraduate programmes are more cost-efficient, the cost of your Online Bachelor’s in Computer Science drops as well.
  • Online studies help you ace remote communication skills — because you will mostly communicate with teachers and colleagues online, in writing or via video calls, you will become very skilled at conveying information remotely.

Where to study an online Bachelor’s in Computer Science?

There are two main types of distance-learning programmes you can opt for, according to your availability: fully online or blended.

In the case of fully online programmes, you will be able to study almost 100% remotely. You might have to attend exams and final dissertation on campus, but the rest of your courses will be only a click away. Great options are available at universities like:

Blended-learning Bachelor’s in Computer Science let you attend part of your courses online, and part on-campus. This type of undergraduate degree gives you more face-to-face contact with teachers and colleagues, as well as a lot of autonomy. Such programmes are available at:

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Online Bachelor in Computer Science specializations

Although relatively young (can you believe the first Windows version for the larger public was released only in 1995?), the field of Computer Science grows fast and now there’s a wide range of specialisations that you can choose from. Some of the most in-demand ones on the job market are:

  • IT Securitycyber threats make it a priority for companies and state departments.
  • Video Game Design —  with 1,2 billion people playing video games globally, are you surprised?
  • Cloud Computing — lower costs with hardware and accessing data from anywhere? No company is going to pass on that.
  • Business Information Systems — businesses need this like water. It’s the knowledge that optimises their operations, costs, and client experience.

Challenges of studying an online Computer Science degree

While there are many cool things about doing an online Bachelor’s in Computer Science, you should not overlook possible challenges that come with this study mode. Some of them are:

  • A lot of trial and error — because you will do most assignments and projects on your own, it might take a little longer to figure out the right code, or the fastest way to design a web page then if you were surrounded by colleagues and teachers that could help you.
  • System delays and malfunctions — sometimes, the online platform of your degree course might get buggy and you’ll have to be patient until system errors are fixed.
  • Procrastination — doing online studies means you’ll have to be well organised and find ways to motivate yourself to follow the schedule you make. If you have the tendency to do things last minute, then this type of study will be a challenge.
  • Harder to network — when you study on campus the personal contact with teachers and colleagues make it easier to find out about internship or work opportunities. Remotely, it is harder to get the info that normally travels by word of mouth.

Coders are amazing types of people who can fix problems most mortals didn’t even know they had. If you dream of, one day, writing a code that optimises itself, then you know a Bachelor’s in Computer Science is for you.

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If you are well organised, you like autonomy and you want to pursue different goals with flexibility, an Online Bachelor’s in Computer Science is right for you. 

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