Study Experience from a Working Woman at Open University of Cyprus (OUC)

By Vasiliki Papadaki

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My experience as a postgraduate student at the Open University of Cyprus - OUC between 2007 and 2010 was unique.

A unique opportunity to enjoy postgraduate studies

As a working woman (teacher in a private school) and a mother of two (aged 8 and 12 in 2007), I did not have a lot of opportunities for postgraduate studies. The distance education methodology presented by OUC offered me the unique opportunity and means necessary to fulfill my target to obtain a master degree.

e-Learning - easy access to education from anywhere

The OUC’s e-Learning platform and communication tools utilized are designed in such a way that users (i.e. students) can easily and quickly, from home or at work to access the educational material, get information about the progress and updating of their modules or access any other information and resources useful for managing their time and academic progress. The academic personnel ensure that the e-Learning platform was always updated and they uploaded on time the materials we needed to study our modules and carry out our assignments. Moreover, the OUC’s Library offers access to numerous databases that we can use to search and access the most recent scientific articles that relate to our study areas.

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Moreover, in addition to the face-to-face group tutorials organized throughout the academic year (for which we were informed from the beginning of the year), the Tutors were organizing at specific time intervals chats and teleconferences with their students. Even in cases that someone did not have time to participate in an online meeting, given that it was recorded, they could watch it later on via the internet. Also, during the group tutorials you had the opportunity to get to know your classmates and communicate with them effectively either via the OUC e-Learning platform or through the phone and exchange views, ideas and concerns related to your studies.

Encouraging support of tutors

The cooperation with the academic personnel had been perfect throughout my studies at OUC. All Tutors were very willing to solve any inquiries that I might have, while their guidance on assignments and their comments were very useful. Their complete presence was very encouraging and supporting.

Overall: a great experience!

Generally speaking, programmes of study are offered based on the distance learning methodology give a unique opportunity to all working people to expand their horizons, enhance their knowledge and skills and acquire professional qualifications. My experience studying at the Open University of Cyprus has taught me how to organize and manage my time effectively to meet all my targets and successfully carry out all my tasks. What is more, the knowledge and skills I acquired as part of my Master degree, helped me to develop both at a personal and a professional level.

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