Combining Study, Work and Life-Experiences

The process of (informal) learning takes place largely unconsciously and is intertwined with and embedded in work and daily routines. Many students taking distance learning programmes combine study with work and therefore making use of the full range of informal to formal learning. They study part-time in their own place and pace.

Some of them are studying to get a better job even at the current employer. They make use of the working environment to practice what they learn during a study. Moreover, as they learn while working this makes their study and their work more efficient and intertwined.

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Combining the best of both

In their working environments, they can choose to work on related activities and task, and even can ensure that those activities contribute to towards their progress in their studies. They make connections between study assignments and job activities, re-using the same results in both situations. So if you think about your distance education, why not think about it from the angle how can you combine your work with your studies most effectively?

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Putting ideas into practice

How you may do so? The following options are all suitable for learning in the workplace and are therefore well able to allow you to integrate your studies in your working environment. You may discuss main ideas of your assignment with your colleagues at work, use your colleague to mature and implement new ways of learning, helping colleagues by the virtue of acting as mentor or practice supervisor, improving the learning culture of your organisation, identifying relevant content, potentially even as an free online resource which you could share with your colleagues, develop the habit of after work meetings with your colleagues to jointly discuss relevant topics, writing articles and guidelines and similar.

As you see there are many ways to combine working and learning and these are only a preliminary list of first ideas. I am sure you will be able once you give this general concept some further thought you will come up with much more ways to increase the synergies between your studies and your learning

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