Online Computer Science Degrees from the Best Universities in 2023

Computer Science and IT degrees are some of the programs that are easiest to study online due to the nature of the subject. But, while it’s easy to find online Computer Science degrees, it’s not always clear which are the best ones to choose from, and which universities and graduate schools are accredited and not scams.

That’s why we decided to create 2 lists with the best online Bachelors and Masters in Computer Science. How we came up with the lists? Because there aren’t many dedicated university rankings covering online studies, we looked at the best on-campus universities for Computer Science according to QS Rankings from TopUniversities and selected the universities which also offer options to study their degrees online.

These also include Bachelors and Masters which offer blended Computer Science studies, meaning they combine online classes with periodic on-campus visits. The second list includes a few universities offering online IT studies provided by U.S. News Rankings. 

Find online Computer Science degrees

Finally, as a bonus, we also included a few good online institutions offering online Computer Science programs featured on All universities included in this article and all universities listed on Distancelearningportal are accredited and trusted.

Best online Computer Science degrees from top international universities

To find the list of online Computer Science programs just click on the university name. The universities offering these degrees are from the top 50 international institutions in the category of Computer Science and Information Systems.

Click the name of the university to find a list of online Computer Science degrees from that university:

Online Computer Science degrees from best universities

Top Online Computer Science degrees from U.S. News Rankings

Other online Computer Science degrees to consider

Even though these universities and institutions are not some of the best-ranked universities in the world, they still provide a good variety of online Computer Science studies, and in some cases may be more affordable. 

There are even more options to choose from. Find the complete list of online Computer Science and IT degrees on

Check out the full lists on QS Rankings and U.S. News official websites. 

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