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What Are ExpertTrack Courses and Why Should I Study One in 2023?

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FutureLearn is a popular British platform offering online courses and degrees. It has just launched a new initiative in the form of ExpertTracks. But what are ExpertTracks? Who are they for? And should you enrol in one?

Let’s find out!

What are ExpertTracks?

ExpertTracks are a series of in-depth online courses created to help students master new skills that can be applied in their professional career. ExpertTracks are designed with the help of universities and other higher education institutions to guarantee a high course quality.

The courses aim to help people who want to advance their careers by taking specific classes that are low-cost, accessible and focused on practical skills.

ExpertTracks specialisations

Initially, FutureLearn launched 35 ExpertTracks in specialisations like:

You can choose from many other specialisations available. The company also plans to add 20 new ExpertTracks every month, in an effort to keep up with the continually growing interest in online courses and skill development.

Who are ExpertTracks for?

  • people who want to learn new skills fast and affordably
  • employees interested in boosting or changing their career
  • students who have other responsibilities and need the benefits of online courses

How much does an ExpertTrack cost?

ExpertTracks are offered as a subscription; you pay a monthly fee. This means that the faster you finish a course, the less you pay and vice versa. How much you pay also depends on the currency in which you choose to pay. Here are the options:

  • 36 GBP/month
  • 36 EUR/month
  • 36 USD/month
  • 59 AUD/month

In addition to this low cost, ExpertTracks also come with:

  • A 7-day full-access trial to a course you choose, so you can try before you buy
  • Automatic cancellation of online payments: after you complete the course, you’ll stop being charged. If you’ve ever forgotten to cancel a recurring online payment and lost money, you’ll definitely appreciate this feature.

Advantages of ExpertTracks

  • ExpertTracks are available online, allowing you to study from anywhere at anytime
  • After completing a course, you will receive a digital certificate to prove what you’ve learned and to improve your CV
  • ExpertTracks are short and highly focused, allowing you to specialise in one area quickly
  • Courses are designed based on different skill/knowledge levels, allowing you to choose from beginner, intermediate, and advanced ExpertTracks

Check out the full list of ExpertTrack courses on the official FutureLearn website.

Should I enrol in an ExpertTrack?

Sure, why not?!

The 7-day trial makes it an excellent opportunity to see what’s available and if it’s right for you. Just scroll through all the courses and make sure you find something that catches your interest.

Should you decide to continue after the trial, make sure you create a plan and adjust your schedule to fit both online courses and work or personal responsibilities.

Best of luck and always remember: learning is a life-long process.

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