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5 Benefits of Studying a Joint Master's Degree Abroad in 2023

How can you double your knowledge, experience, and potential in just two years? The answer is very simple: study a double degree Master’s programme!

A double degree is a graduate study programme carried out by two different universities, where students complete both universities at the same time, in half the time it takes to complete a regular Master.

A double or joint Master's degree can be held by different institutions, in different countries or even in different fields of study, as long as there is an agreement between the universities. You can choose to study Business and Law, Engineering and Computer Science, History and Political Sciences, and so on. That's great news for those who want to catch them all!

Other than getting two diplomas at the end of your study period, there are many more advantages that a double degree programme offers to ambitious students.

Let’s find them together, shall we?

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1. Experience and blend two educational environments

With a double degree Master's programme, you will divide your study time into two periods, each belonging to one of the universities.

You will likely conduct a single graduation thesis, in collaboration with both universities, where you will have advisors from the two organisations at the same time. This will enable you to incorporate different approaches to your study and gain the perspectives of more than one academic advisor.

During a joint Master's degree, you will spend one or two semesters at one university, while the rest of the programme at the other university. In some cases, you get to pick not only a different university, but different countries altogether.

If the last part sounds really cool to you, check out these universities offering joint Master's programmes and experience the best of both worlds.

2. Double your professional network

Get in contact with academics, students, and professionals within both programmes and, when you finish your degree, be surprised by how much you have enlarged your network in such a short time! 

The increased number of contacts will help you both during and after completing your education, and, if your degrees are in different countries, you will meet more students and get to know different cultures more closely. 

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3. Get a double specialisation in a shorter time

Although a double graduate degree takes a longer time to complete compared to a traditional (single) degree, it will still mean completing it in a shorter period than if you would choose to complete both degrees separately. 

A double degree will usually take four years or more to complete, depending on your chosen study option. However, depending on the fields you choose to combine, you can speed up the process, because many universities offer ‘fast-track’ options, where you can also study during holidays, or attend summer schools.

4. Best use of your study hours

A joint or double degree does not mean double workload. Even though you will study units from both disciplines at the same time, the total number of study hours, both in class, as well as individual study and assignments, is less than for two separate, single degrees. 

Also, some double degrees are structured in such a way that you can spend a semester focused on a single study area.

And, because we’re not done with the good news, you should know that students completing a double degree have the same workload and number of units each semester as single degree students. 

In most cases, you will have the option to:

  • study only the compulsory parts of each of the single degrees
  • use your electives from each of the single degrees to complete your second degree

5. Land a great job

Let’s not kid ourselves: you'll have an unbeatable advantage in your CV! A double degree can symbolise to your employer right from the start that you have an interdisciplinary knowledge and great adaptability skills

A double degree proves you are serious and determined, that you are not afraid to take up a challenge, that you have a strong work ethic, and that you are willing to take responsibility for demanding and complex tasks and duties.

Just imagine: if you choose a double degree with Biology and Law, you can find employment in biotechnology companies, or, if you combine Information Technology with Creative Arts, you can find a job as a web designer.

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Bridge the challenges of a joint/double degree

A double degree programme may come with a few challenges. Dealing with two different educational systems may be hard to adapt to, but this will help you learn how to overcome difficulties and become accustomed to an entirely new environment.

Considering the benefits of a double Master’s degree and how you will expand your knowledge and experience, it is definitely a great adventure to embark on. So, get in contact with your university, start your search on Mastersportal, and seize your chance of completing a double degree!

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