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Alicante at a glance

Originally called “Lucentum” (“City of Light”), Alicante is today a popular study abroad destination. International students are drawn to this lovely Mediterranean harbour city, rich in history that provides a constant relaxed atmosphere. Universities in Alicante deliver a wide range of accredited programmes in various fields, available for undergraduate and postgraduate degrees. With a significant number of English-taught courses, universities aim to enrich students' academic and professional skills, but also to help them develop critical thinking and a global cultural awareness. Alicante is a port city in Spain on the Costa Blanca, the capital of the province of Alicante, located south of the Valencian Community. 


Studying in Alicante

Most programmes, especially for Bachelor degrees, are taught in Spanish. The DELE test is usually required as evidence of Spanish language proficiency. You can also enrol in many English-taught programmes for postgraduate Master’s degree and PhD courses and several Erasmus programmes.

Specialise in fields like: languages, marine study, geology, nursing, business administration, law, sociology, tourism, engineering, architecture, biomedicine, MBA, arts, political science, pharmacy and more.

Online degree courses are dedicated to international MBA and business related fields of study.


Career opportunities in Alicante

The economy of Alicante is continually developing, having as main industries: tourism, trade construction, agriculture, wine production, services and public administration.

Names of big companies in Alicante include: Swiss Mobility Solutions, PwC, Liberty Cargo, Deloitte, Aqute, Johnson & Johnson.

International students can find several internship opportunities they can engage in, particularly in the hospitality and retail sectors, and most of them involve knowledge of both Spanish and English.


Alicante city life

Alicante is simply a splendid city, giving you a constant feel you’re on a holiday trip. With wonderful palm trees along the boulevard, nice shopping streets, lovely beaches, and large wonderful parks, you will simply love strolling around and discover nice places you can relax.

Interesting sights you can visit in Alicante are:

  • The Castle of Santa Bárbara
  • Basilica of Santa María
  • San Nicolas Cathedral
  • The Museum of Contemporary Art of Alicante
  • MARQ (Museum of Archaeology)

Check out the old quarter of Alicante (El Barrio), wander through the promenade of Explanada de España, L'Ereta Park, or El Palmeral Park. Admire the sunset on the Guardamar beach, and walk around Puerto Deportivo (the port).

For a nice ballet, opera or theatre show, go to Alicante Theatre. Attend one of the local festivals, such as the Bonfires of Saint John, Moros i Cristians.

In Alicante, you can enjoy some of the best nightlife in the whole Spain. The city gathers a selection of nightclubs, pubs, cafes, simply satisfying all tastes. Don't miss tasting some authentic Spanish dishes in local restaurants. Playa de San Juan (St. John's Beach) area is a popular night spot during the summer months.

See the Tabarca Island, just a few kilometers from Alicante on the Mediterranean Sea. Now a popular touristic attraction, the island was once a haven for Barbary pirates. You can also check Monastery of Santa Faz, about 3 miles outside the city of Alicante.

International atmosphere in Alicante

Alicante counts many tourists all year round, coming from every corner in the world, but especially from Europe. Nearly 20% of the city’s population are foreigners: Romanians, Ecuadorians, Columbians, and a significant number of Russians, Chinese and Ukrainians. Several expats have settled in Alicante, from UK and Canada.

Regarding international business, Alicante has drawn several foreign investors, as the city has a strong economy, ranking as Spain's fourth largest province in terms of its GDP.

Weather Alicante

Alicante has mild winters and hot summers, with little rain throughout all seasons. The average temperatures ranges between 17°C (63 °F) and 6 °C (43 °F) in January, and between 30 °C (87 °F) and 21 °C (70 °F) in August.

Universities in Alicante

SolidQ is a global provider of technical consulting and training services for Microsoft’s Business Intelligence and Data Management platforms. 

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Fundesem is a business school that believes in people and is committed to their professional and personal development. Each step in our educational process is directed toward the professional formation of people destined to work in a wide variety of businesses.

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