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IT Security studies the process of maintaining the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of a company’s data. It aims to secure all types of critical information, which can be stored either physically (printed) or digitally (on a server, computer, smartphone).

IT Security is also known as Information Security or InfoSec. It is often used as a synonym for Cyber Security, but there are differences between them. IT Security is broader and protects all types of data. Cyber Security only deals with online threats that target digital information. In other words, you can be an Information Security expert without also being a Cyber Security one.

IT Security seeks to answer questions like: How to prevent people from gaining unauthorised access to critical data? Which are the ideal encryption standards for the goals and activities of the organisation? Are employees aware of the essential security policies and typical scams? Is the company’s data security network well implemented?

A typical IT Security curriculum includes subjects like Digital Forensics, Legal Issues in Information Security, Computer Communications, Computer Programming, Operating Systems, Computer Cryptology, Security Planning, etc.

IT Security graduates can work as an information security analyst, lead software security engineer, chief information security officer (CISCO), security architect and other technical positions.

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