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Banking and Investment teaches you how financial institutions work and how to help people make wise decisions when borrowing, lending, or investing their money. You’ll explore the differences between assets and liabilities and understand the complexities behind services like overdrafts, credits, mortgages, and investment funds.

During a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree in Banking and Investment, you can expect to take classes on accounting, statistics, taxation, investment analysis, asset allocation, portfolio management, financial markets, bank management, etc.

As a future Banking and Investment specialist, you will help people and financial institutions make decisions, manage assets, and make economic predictions based on current behaviours and trends. You’ll be both a people person and a numbers person, always keeping an eye out for win-win situations and profitable opportunities.

In addition to in-depth financial knowledge, successful Banking and Investment specialists also excel in mathematics, attention to detail, communication, and emotional intelligence, among others.

After graduating with a degree in Banking and Investment, you can work for banks, insurance companies, investment companies, brokerage firms, etc. With enough experience, you can also become a consultant and work with multiple clients. Related job titles include treasurer, financial analyst, loan officer, financial trader, portfolio manager, etc.

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