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What is an Online Study in Languages?

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Language studies aim at preparing students to build a deep understanding of a culture based on its individual language and literature, using the spoken and written forms of expression. Gaining in-depth knowledge of a foreign language helps students understand and value cultural diversity, helps build connections between societies, and makes the world a smaller, more open place to live in.

Language courses explore a wide range of fields including: Literature, film, Critical Theory, Philosophy, Linguistics, Politics, Ethics, etc.

You can choose to study a popular international language such as English, French, German or Spanish, to use in international professional contexts. Alternatively, you may learn a less-known foreign language, or an old language gaining a good entry into a specialised field of work such as Translations, Interpreting, Business or Archaeology. Examples include Chinese, Arabic, Latin, Sanskrit or ancient Greek.

Students of Languages are able to speak, write, listen and read in one or more foreign languages at an advanced level. Speaking and learning a foreign language enhances creativity, memory and problem-solving skills, not to mention the clear career advantage.

Languages graduates can find jobs in many areas working as: translators, teachers, linguists, international relations consultant, historians, research and more.

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