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What is an Online Study in Human Medicine?

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Human Medicine is the study of the human body and health. It examines all types of diseases and illnesses affecting people and finds methods to reduce pain, provide healing, and help patients go through the recovery period without problems. Human Medicine doesn’t only deal with fixing people’s health but also teaches them about the best steps to prevent diseases from occurring in the first place.

Human Medicine is a broad discipline, which overlaps with other academic areas, like Biology and Chemistry. Students can choose from a wide range of Medical branches, such as Internal Medicine, Family Medicine, Gastroenterology, Physical Medicine, Radiology, Surgery, Oncology, and many others.

While there is no standard Human Medicine curriculum, you can expect to take classes in Anatomy, Clinical Examination, History Taking, Safe Prescribing, Decision Making, Infection Control, Health Promotion, Public Health, Ethics, Managing Emergencies, Immunology, etc.

Medical schools take longer to graduate due to the high amount of specialised knowledge. Although the structure of medical education varies from one country to another — for example, in the US students first need a Bachelor’s before applying for a Medicine degree — you can expect to spend between 6 to 7 years studying and 2 or 3 additional years as a resident. In some countries, you need to pass a licensing exam after the residency period to become a certified medical practitioner.

Graduates of human medicine have the prospects to become health professionals such as bioengineers, pharmacists, therapists, nurses or even laboratory scientists.

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