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Studying Marketing

Marketing studies the part of a business which ensures that goods and services are reaching the customer by understanding its needs. Marketing embodies components like distribution, product management, pricing and consumer behaviour. Typical marketing processes are advertising and promotion and selecting the right distribution channels to reach market target.

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Studying in Australia

Australia is well known for its warm climate, great beaches and exceptional higher education system. It has strong influences from both Europe and Asia, and with the worlds second highest development index, it is a fantastic place to study!

Distance Learning

Distance or online learning is a mode of study that allows students to study most or all of a course without attending at a campus-based institution. Distance can refer to both material and interaction. Distance learning provides access to learning when the source of information and the learners are separated by time and distance, or both.

During this type of education students communicate with the faculty and other students via e-mail, electronic forums, videoconferencing, chat rooms, bulletin boards, instant messaging and other forms of computer-based interaction.

The programmes often include a online training system and tools to produce a virtual classroom. The tuition fees for distance learning vary from institution to programme to country. It is certain that the student saves expenses related to accommodation and transportation, because you can maintain your current living expenses. Distance learning is also a great solution for people that already have a job, and still want or need further education.

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11 Marketing Online Short Programmes in Australia

Advanced Diploma Search Marketing

Transform your career by learning how to create, manage and implement advanced search marketing strategies using AdWords, PPC, display & remarketing techniques. This Professional Diploma in Search Marketing at Institute of Digital Marketing - Australia is delivered by some of the industry’s leading search marketing experts.

Advanced Diploma Mobile Marketing

Learn how to create and implement mobile strategies to help transform your career and company with some of the industry’s leading mobile marketing experts. The Professional Diploma in Mobile Marketing is delivered by Institute of Digital Marketing - Australia.

Certificate Sales

Learn the secrets on how to open and close a sale effectively with an unusually high close rate. This Sales course at International Career Institute (ICI) leads to the awarding of a Certificate of Completion. 

Certificate Marketing

The International Career Institute (ICI) Marketing program designed in conjunction with industry leaders helps you learn the skills you need to succeed in marketing quickly and conveniently.

Advanced Diploma Social Media Marketing

The Professional Diploma in Social Media Marketing at Institute of Digital Marketing is suitable for people who are responsible for the planning, execution and management of social media campaigns. Social media specialists, enthusiasts, executives or anyone who would like to enhance their digital marketing knowledge base in this area would excel on this course.

Certificate Online Marketing Strategies

EdX is an online learning platform trusted by over 12 million users offering the Online Marketing Strategies Program in collaboration with Curtin University – CurtinX. Learn about online marketing opportunities and how to use the Internet, social media, and digital analytics to successfully market your business.

Short Course Study Abroad Internships

Maximise your Study Abroad experience at the University of Sydney! Shape your future career with our unique internships! You have the opportunity to immerse yourself in the Australian business culture or build your research experience at a leading university.