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Campus NooA is a virtual campus where you can learn anytime, anywhere, in a social environment with skilled teachers and individual support. NooA is an acronym for the Nordic online Academy.

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NooA was named during a pit stop at an Up State New York antique shop. There, among artifacts, antiquities, junk and childhood treasures, suddenly appeared some wooden alphabet blocks that load and clear spelled out the colorful word NooA. Showing the blocks to people from various countries, I realized that they could easily pronounce and remember it, since most associated it with Noah's Ark.


Campus NooA needs course designers and teachers who can develop and teach online courses in either English, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, German, Portuguese, Spanish or French. The course designers and teachers are NooA’s most important assets.


ICT services

The Mall is an area were you can explore some of the NooA services together with other students and visitors. You can for example access the NooA newsletter, make your see user profiles, explore the blog, send messages, take part in the open discussion forums and test out some typical resources and activities that are included in many courses.


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