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UNICAF Scholarships

The UNICAF Scholarship Programme was founded to offer gifted underprivileged students from Africa the opportunity of furthering their education by studying towards internationally accredited qualifications which are offered online or through blended learning.


• The UNICAF Scholarship Programme is one of the most generous scholarship programmes available for African students and provides opportunities for studies towards a Master’s or Bachelor’s degree programme available from one of the UNICAF partner universities at a fraction of the cost.

• Normally eligible students will receive an 80%* scholarship depending on the programme they are applying for.

• For the last two decades our partner universities have been offering scholarships to international students. The vast majority of these students were able to make a significant contribution to their home countries and in many cases at the highest level.

• The primary objective of the UNICAF Scholarship Programme is to provide opportunities to students from Africa to pursue advanced academic studies and to earn internationally recognised qualifications by studying fully online or through blended learning.

• Join Today the Thousands of our students, from countries such as Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana, Zambia, Zimbabwe, Rwanda and many other African Countries.

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