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Nanyang College, founded by Hsuan-Wai Sheng in 1896, was the former manifestation of present day NCTU. It was one of the new-style institutions of higher learning in Asia. After the National Government moved to Taiwan, the school was relocated in Hsinchu City in 1958 under the recommendation and support of the American alumni and the leadership of the former University President Hung-Hsun Ling. 

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Chiao Tung University was founded in 1896 (the 22nd year of the Kuanghsu Era of the Ching Dynasty). The school’s original name was NanyangCollege. In 1912, it was renamed the Shanghai Vocational College of Higher Education. In 1921, it was renamed again Chiao Tung University. And in 1937, it was renamed once more National Chiao Tung University (NCTU).


Our school emphasizes the precept of pragmatism for the idea has been mentioned constantly in our mottos: from “Learn and work practically” (Vocational College, 1904-1912), to “Seek the truths from facts” (NCTU, 1930s), and lastly to “Absorb the new to look far ahead, and work pragmatically” (handwriting of the former President, Hung-Hsun Ling, 1974). In highlighting the special qualities of education and capturing the characteristics of the students at NCTU, these mottos are quite profound.


  • Research Center for Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Disaster Prevention and Water Environment Research Center
  • Nano Facility Center
  • Brain Reasearch Center
  • Center for Nano Science & Technology
  • Science, Technology and Society Center


Library services

The mission of National Chiao Tung University Library is to enrich quality of life and advance intellectual discovery by connecting people with knowledge. The Library collects texts and provides services to meet the studying, research and teaching needs of individuals who are affiliated with the NCTU as well as the greater community. 

Student Life

Campus life

Campus Life in NCTU:

  • Sport Facilities
  • Accommodation
  • Restaurants & Shops
  • University Health Service
  • Campus Map
  • Lost &Found
  • Emergency Support
  • Counseling Center
  • Career Center
  • Student Activities

Student clubs

Club List

  • Recreational clubs:dedicated to initiating proper recreational activities.
  • Technics & art clubs:dedicated to researching techniques and arts.
  • Senior high alumni clubs:dedicated to promoting friendship and encouragement.
  • Social service clubs:dedicated to promoting the social service
  • Sports clubs:dedicated to upgrading sport skills and cultivating lifetime  sport habit.
  • Academic clubs:dedicated to academic research.
  • Musical/ Drama clubs:dedicated to initiating the performance and appreciation of music and drama shows for physical and mental pleasure.
  • Commission clubs:club associations required by particular circumstances.

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