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Business, Accounting and Law

The broad scope of business underpins every sector of our economy and is fundamental to all industries. We rely on business for our jobs and prosperity. In today's competitive employment market, formalised business skills are in high demand.


There are no limitations to where a business, accounting or law qualification can take you. Graduates choose from a broad spectrum of fields including accounting, administration, economics, financial planning and management, human resources management, business management, marketing, law, logistics, hospitality, property, purchasing and materials – just to name a few.

A business career offers diverse employment opportunities and the ability to advance from an entry level position to supervisor, manager, consultant or senior executive within business, government or non-profit organisations in the industry of your choice.

As a CQUniversity student you will develop superior communication skills and have in-depth knowledge of your area of interest. You will gain transferable skills, allowing you to transfer your acquired knowledge to work successfully in a number of professions within a variety of organisations.

If you want to learn how business works, to think, strategise and manage – a course or program in business can help you get there.

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