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Information Technology and Digital Media

Emerging changes and advances in global technology have led to a more connected world where people can share information, photos and conversations simply and quickly. Information technology (IT), information systems (IS) and digital media have paved the way in enabling this to occur. Retrieving, processing, receiving, transmitting, protecting and storing information are all elements of information and communication technology. A career in the IT industry, either working in IT, IS, or digital is fast-paced, challenging and dynamic.


The study of IT and IS is aligned, however there are differences within the two areas. IT is a combination of tools, processes and methodologies that are used to collect, process and present information. IS focuses on the use of technology and how it can assist with the organisation of people through the use of databases, networks, the internet, and personal computers.

Digital media refers to text, graphics, animation, audio and video content that has been digitally encoded, allowing it to be manipulated and rendered by computers, and transmitted over computer networks. Digital photos, music, movies, web sites, social media, mobile applications and computer games are all examples of digital media. Most digital media production environments are multidisciplinary, requiring collaboration between people with diverse technical and creative skills. The study of digital media encompasses many of these skills, including graphic design, web design, web application development, video production and post-production, interaction design, photography, journalism, illustration, 3D modelling and animation, game design, social media management, mobile application development, project management and more.

In addition to IT, IS and digital media, CQUniversity offers a suite of aviation programs that will provide you with the opportunities if you are working in or seeking a career in aviation and aerospace industries. These programs will enable you to gain a thorough understanding of the theories and practices in aviation technology and explore the associated ethical, legal and security issues in this field.

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