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College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences offers a wide breadth of graduate and undergraduate academic programs designed to develop professionals and leaders in fields that make a difference in response to human and societal causes, issues, and needs. Our social and behavioral sciences programs can help you bring change to your life and the lives of others.

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Millions of Americans find themselves in situations in which they rely upon the services of community organizations, government programs, and skilled professionals.* If you have a desire to help your fellow citizens and a passion to make real differences in their lives, the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences is a great place to start your training. Programs are designed for people with a passion for driving change and a desire to make a difference in the lives of children, individuals with special needs, and their communities.

Degree and Certificate Programs
Our social and behavioral sciences programs include a variety of graduate, undergraduate, and certificate programs in psychology, autism, human services, and early childhood education for people interested in helping others. We also offer undergraduate degree programs in communication and liberal arts for those interested in connecting with others or obtaining a versatile degree that meets their educational interests.
Receive One-on-One Support
At Kaplan University, you'll find the kind of commitment and support you can count on. As a first-term student, you'll work one-on-one with an Education Advisor who will guide you along your degree plan and help you with any academic issues you may encounter. Together you'll build a close relationship that focuses on finding relevant career options and building a personalized degree plan that best suits your ultimate goal.
Connect and Grow
The College of Social and Behavioral Sciences connects you with an enthusiastic community of students and faculty from every corner of the country. Through interactive webinars, informative speaker series, and a number of social media sites and clubs, you'll have a wealth of opportunities to learn and grow. The atmosphere is always positive, reinforcing, and highly accessible.
Learn Exactly What You Need to Know
Taking the right courses in the right degree program could contribute to your "job marketability" and career success. While no university can guarantee you'll find a job or land a promotion, Kaplan University's College of Social and Behavioral Sciences does offer you a wide choice of relevant academic pathways to help you gain an edge on the competition.

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