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Sophia University led the move to internationalization in Japan, providing study and educational opportunities that take our increasingly complex world into account. Over the years, the university has created an original global network that allows researchers and students from overseas to teach and study in Japan, and Japanese researchers and students to do same abroad.

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The origin of Sophia University can be traced back to more than 450 years ago when the Jesuit missionary Francis Xavier came to Japan in 1549 to spread Christianity in Japan. The actual foundation of the university began In 1908.


Sophia University is a community devoted to human development, pursuing truth and values rooted in a Christian worldview. Each member of the community is called on to participate in building up the University, fulfilling their respective roles with a sense of joint responsibility and humility, while recognizing the dignity and fundamental human rights of others.Students, while conducting studies in their chosen field, must nurture a keen awareness of issues in contemporary society and develop their power of discernment. In this way they will be able to build their own character and gain the ability to contribute constructively to society .


The Project Research Division provides support for research groups conducting research activity with funds provided by such external organizations and individuals. Units established as project research units may eventually become the basis for new units in the Research Institutes Division.


The Sophia Career Center will help you to make your job-seeking efficient and will teach you the right tips to find Japanese companies which are perfect for you. All you need is to come to our office or access our web site,and you can get sufficient information.


Student services

The Counseling Center is a place where students can talk to or seek advice from professional counselors about their concerns or the problems that trouble them during their daily life. The center is designed in such a way as to ensure confidentiality. In addition to personal consultation, group counseling sessions are also held. English counseling available. 

Housing services

Sophia University has several off-campus dormitories and offers affiliated housing options. For inquiries and application, contact the dormitory/organization directly. Since the Sophia campus is located in the heart of Tokyo, the cost of living near campus is very high. As reasonable housing is located in the suburbs, students should expect a 30-90 min. commuting time to campus. 

Library services

The Sophia University Central Library, which opened in 1984, holds approximately 1,100,000 books and 11,000 titles of periodicals on the two basement floors and the eight upper floors. The library has adopted an open stack system so that users can have direct access to the materials. It's floor space is 18,000 square meters and it has approximately 1,900 seats. 

Medical services

Located in Hoffmann Hall, the Health Center offers physical and mental health consultation, health and nutrition guidance, and emergency treatment for injuries and sudden illnesses. Moreover, the center periodically conducts medical examinations on all students and sports group participants, and, when necessary, makes referrals to specialist medical organizations.

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Sofia University has been accredited by the nation's premier regional accreditation body for higher education, the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WSCUC), since 1998.

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