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Tech is dedicated to student success, access, and excellence as a responsive campus community providing opportunities for progressive intellectual development and civic engagement. Embracing and expanding upon its technological traditions, Tech inspires and empowers members of the community to achieve their goals while striving for the betterment of Arkansas, the nation, and the world.

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The Second District Agricultural School was created by Act 100 of 1909 of the Arkansas General Assembly It was decided on February 10, 1910, to found the school in Russellville. The school took on its current name of Arkansas Tech University on July 9, 1976.


The General Education Committee will assume responsibility for general education assessment from the Assessment Committee. In order for the General Education Committee to make informed decisions about general education goals, policy, and requirements, the General Education Committee must be directly involved in assessing general education outcomes. The General Education Committee should directly determine the types of information it needs to effectively and efficiently carry out its oversight role.


At Arkansas Tech University, we get it - you need a university that gets who you are and who you want to become. Here, you can build your squad and embrace adventure. With a degree from ATU, you’ll be ready for a meaningful career that will improve your economic standing. Numerous university scholarships are available to help you invest in your potential.


Student services

The Student Services staff members at Arkansas Tech University are dedicated to helping students accomplish academic and personal goals. We recognize that students are individuals who may need assistance in clarifying or establishing goals, as well as help in eliminating the barriers which may hinder their academic progress.

Housing services

Whether you want to participate in intramural sports, join a sports club, jump into group fitness, explore the Ozarks, or check out a mountain bike, kayak, hammock or camping tent. Participating in Campus Recreation is not only fun, but also impacts physical fitness and emotional health.

Library services

The Tech Library is dedicated to providing excellent support for learning, research, and discovery among the Arkansas Tech University community. This blog offers a glimpse of the Tech Library’s physical and digital collections and its services. 

Medical services

The Health and Wellness Center provides medical treatment for acute illnesses plus health and wellness educational programming, consultation, and referral services that meet the particular needs of today's students. 

Student Life

Campus life

While academic achievement leading to graduation is the reason for attending Arkansas Tech University, the experiences that students have outside the classroom prove to have a lifelong impact. Experiences offered through Campus Life enhance maturity, leadership, time management, friendship, career development, and civic engagement along with many other essential life skills.

Sports facilities

The Sports Clubs program is designed to serve individual interests in different sports and recreational activities. These interests can be competitive, recreational, or instructional in nature, as Clubs may represent the University in intercollegiate competition or conduct intra-Club activities such as practice, instruction, socialization, and tournament play. Both indoor and outdoor recreational facilities are available to Sports Clubs for regularly scheduled practices, competitions, instruction/coaching, business meetings, display of promotional materials, and special events. 

Student clubs

The Student Government Association (SGA) is the overall student governing body at Arkansas Tech University and serves as an intermediary between the faculty/administration and the student body in the interest of student welfare. SGA represents all students and serves as their communication link to the various components of the campus. 


Accredited by the Higher Learning Commission. 

  • Current status: Accredited
  • Accreditation granted:01/01/1930
  • Most recent reaffirmation of accreditation: 2010 - 2011
  • Next reaffirmation of accreditation: 2020 - 2021

Russellville, Arkansas, United States

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