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SUNY College of Optometry

More than a half century ago a group of dedicated optometrists and benefactors came together to create an institution that would support optometric education, vision science research and extend quality vision care to all New Yorkers and the surrounding community.

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In 1910, New York City’s Columbia University opened the first, university-based school of optometry in the United States. When it closed its doors in 1956, New York and the entire surrounding region was left without a school or college of optometry.


The SUNY College of Optometry is committed to educating outstanding optometrists who bring the best evidence based care to patients and vision scientists working on basic, translational and clinical research who develop new and impactful findings. We’re working hard to develop the next generation of health care and scientific leaders by providing the most progressive and adaptive education available.


SUNY Optometry has nationally and internationally recognized faculty engaged in cutting-edge research in eye and vision science. The College is committed to expanding its research efforts and, as such, continues to search for new outstanding vision scientists to bring on board.


The Career Development Center, established in 2012, was created to meet the career needs of SUNY Optometry students, residents and alumni. Through its signature programs and events like the Family of Mentors Program and the Annual SUNY Optometry Career Symposium, the Career Development Center creates opportunities for busy students and professionals to connect and create meaningful relationships important to career development and career advancement.


Student services

The Office of the Registrar coordinates the scheduling of courses and maintains all official student records, which include transcripts, health forms, etc. Any changes to student information should be directed to this office. Additional functions include the preparation and dissemination of the academic calendar, the student health forms and national and state board information.

Housing services

A Student Housing Committee assists each student with his/her housing arrangements. Students set their priorities regarding cost, space, distance and area, and the Housing Committee assists the student in locating and securing suitable housing to meet his/her specific needs. The Housing Committee operates under the direction of the Financial Aid Office and is functioning between April and September.

Library services

The Harold Kohn Vision Science Library is the largest vision science library in the country.

Medical services

The Office of Student Affairs offers counseling to students about health programs and can make referrals to health practitioners and clinics when specific services are required.

Student Life

Student clubs

  • ACE: The Health Practitioner's Society
  • American Optometric Student Association (AOSA)
  • Beta Sigma Kappa (BSK)
  • Contact Lens Education and Research Club (CLEAR)
  • Canadian Association of Optometry Students (CAOS)
  • Chinese Culture Optometric Student Association (CCOSA)
  • California Student Optometric Student Association (COSA)
  • College of Optometry in Vision Development (COVD)
  • Connecticut Student Association of Optometrists (CTSAO)
  • Fellowship of Christian Optometrists (FCO)
  • Lions Club (LC)


The SUNY College of Optometry is authorized by the Board of Regents of the University of the State of New York (State Education Department.) 

New York City, New York, United States

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