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Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences (EIS)

The Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences has a world-class reputation for excellence in research, strong collaborations with industry and government partners, and innovative approaches to teaching and learning.

Top reasons to study here

  • Graduates from this Faculty are playing a critical role in tackling global problems in key areas affecting the world’s population.
  • The Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in six schools and several entities.
  • The Faculty of Engineering and Information Sciences fosters innovation by preparing engineers and information technology professionals.

Distance Learning Courses



The undergraduate program allows you to specialise in a particular field, or combine complementary specialisations in a double degree. The postgraduate program will expose you to top-level research in engineering and materials science.


The Faculty conducts a range of research, from fundamental to applied. The disciplines range from Mathematics and Applied Statistics, through Physics, to Engineering (Civil, Computer, Environmental, Materials, Mechanical, Mechatronics, Mining, Electrical, Software, Telecommunications) and Information Science and Technology.


Engineers enjoy a wide range of careers and great opportunities for advancement in all fields. It is as much about technical knowledge as it is a mindset: a practical way of learning to understand and develop, and then continuously improve solutions to technical and social problems. Here is just a sample of the careers you can pursue.

  • Biomedical Engineer
  • Computer Architect
  • Computer Systems Engineer
  • Civil Engineer
  • Construction Manager

Wollongong, New South Wales, Australia

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