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Kitchen Design Academy

Kitchen Design Academy is an Australian business that delivers the course under the name of Kitchen Design Academy-Online.

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Kitchen Design Academy was founded by Valentin Tinc in 2012, and it is amongst the very few international online schools, offering a broad range of courses for kitchen and bathroom design students. The school is registered with ASIC Australia, and under the name Kitchen Design Academy.


The mission of the Kitchen Design Academy Online is to be a valuable provider of professional education and training for kitchen designers, both locally and internationally.

Kitchen Design Academy Online acknowledges the importance of the kitchen in today’s living and its part in human development. 

Kitchen represents more than a room or an area designed for preparing and cooking food, it is part of our culture, tradition and life philosophy. A modern kitchen is a central point of the house where we create, express, communicate, entertain, meet and enjoy life, family and friends.


Kitchen Design Academy Online is open to anybody wanting to upskill, specialize or switch to kitchen design, anyone willing to pursue a kitchen-design career, anyone wanting to change their everyday life and become something they always dreamed of: a kitchen designer! It is glamorous, fun and well paid.


  • Fully Accredited Member of the International Association for Distance Learning.
  • Recognised by the International Approval & Registration Centre

Doreen, Victoria, Australia


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