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Harbour.Space University

Harbour.Space University

Harbour.Space is the State of the Art University focusing on Technology, Entrepreneurship and Design to co-create the leaders of tomorrow. Driven by top industry leaders, we are redefining the education system by creating the University of the future.

Top reasons to study here

  • INTERDISCIPLINARY LEARNING: 15 intensive 3-week modules, 5 of which are electives, allowing you to explore new disciplines and develop a holistic skill set.
  • TOP INDUSTRY LEADERS: 75+ pioneering professional from around the world mentoring, guiding and preparing you for the jobs of tomorrow.
  • PERSONALISED APPROACH: 100+ courses to choose from and build a unique educational experience aligned with your personal and professional goals.

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Harbour.Space was founded in 2015 by Svetlana Velikanova, Kamran Elahian (founder of 4x unicorns), and Ingo Beyer von Morgenstern (Emeritus Head of European and Asian High-Tech, Telecom and Media Practice, McKinsey & Co), with its first campus in Barcelona, Spain.

In 2018, in partnership with the University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce established an overseas campus in Bangkok, Thailand.


Harbour.Space is a university for the innovative, the future-minded and the change-hungry. Our philosophy is based on three fundamental pillars - a link to the industry, a modern and agile educational model, and a network of exceptional innovators and entrepreneurs ready to co-create the businesses of the future.

We offer progressive Foundation, Bachelor’s, and Master’s programmes where real-world problems take centre stage in the classroom, not textbook challenges. Our academic year is divided into 15 intense 3-week modules, and acts as an accelerator for entrepreneurs, an innovation lab for creatives, and a hands-on learning experience for tech-lovers. 


The fast-paced growth in innovation, communication and technology is forcing a quiet revolution in education, leaving many traditional universities struggling to keep up.

We aim to redefine the learning experience by offering active experience-based education, driven by some of the worlds’ top industry leaders. Our transformative learning approach enhances reflective, critical, and systems thinking and encourage collaborative innovation.

Harbour.Space is more than a university - it’s a community, an incubator, and a bridge between students and the professional industry. Here, education empowers the talented minds of new generations to create a positive social impact on our future.


After three generations of students, we are proud to say we have a >90% job placement rate (53% getting jobs before graduating) and several growing student startups. Our students are anything but ordinary. They include programming bootcamp winners, math olympiad champions, up and coming designers, and determined young entrepreneurs. They can be found working at places like Amazon, IBM, Rakuten, Google, Accenture, Deloitte, EF (Education First), Zeptolab and Toptal among others.

Explore our website to see how you can join our alumni and create a fulfilling, exciting, and meaningful career in the future. You can see your employability report here: https://bit.ly/3gPlMp8


Student services

Our aim is to be there for our students from the very beginning of their studies until graduation. We help with individual career counselling, searching for internships, vacant jobs and apprenticeships, which often lead to a full-time job upon graduation.

We are committed to building a unique professional and corporate network of investors and employers that would recruit our highly regarded international graduates, on-campus and online.

Library services

We have stocked up on all the must-read books in Entrepreneurship, Marketing, Design, Engineering and others. A lot of the authors are also teachers at Harbour.Space so you may even get a signed copy.

Student Life

Campus life

Being a Harbour.Space student is about more than what happens inside the classroom. It's about becoming part of the Harbour.Space family and finding your own place to thrive. Our students live, lead and grow each year creating multiple clubs and organizations. Choose from cultural events, such as Friendsgiving, sports activities like Futbol, and adventurous hikes and weekend trips to Montserrat or Siges. 

No matter what, there’s a place for you.

Sports facilities

Barcelona is really great for sports. Any water sports, city sports, great football, tennis and any types of athletics are all just one click away. Harbour.Space is teamed up with the International Student Network and welcomes all students to join University football and/or volleyball teams or other sports, including horse polo, water sports/activities, etc.

Student clubs

Harbour.Space is a boutique, family-feel university. We have 200 active students who all know each other’s names. Student population is predominantly international with over 50 different countries represented.

Our active student body has number of clubs and societies, such as:

  • Football society

  • Hiking society

  • Yoga society

  • Horse-riding and polo society

  • Art club

  • Business club


Harbour.Space partnered with The University of the Thai Chamber of Commerce (UTCC) to offer double degrees.

To receive the accredited diploma from Harbour.Space@UTCC, students are required to physically attend a number of classes on our campus in Bangkok, Thailand. All classes are taught in English and offered by the same Harbour.Space professors, following the Harbour.Space curriculum and degree structure.

Read more: https://bit.ly/HS-faq-accreditation

Barcelona, Catalonia, Spain

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