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The European Business University

The European Business University of Luxembourg is a non-profit educational institution specialising in Business programs and research. The campus is based at the historical Chateau Wiltz, Luxembourg, however EBU offers study flexibility through online learning. EBU delivers a world-class level of education through highly skilled professors on an innovative online education platform.


European Business University of Luxembourg (EBU) is dedicated to achieving and sustaining a tradition of academic excellence by ensuring it is at the forefront of evolving innovation. EBU will strive to become of the benchmark of world-class quality education by drawing on the talents of an actively supported team of internationally recognized staff and faculty of women and men.


EBU’s co-founders understand the importance of skilled, qualified professors in delivering an inspiring and seamless education to students. All programs at EBU are taught by highly qualified world leading business professionals, to provide a high standard of education, centered around current evidence-based research. The European Business University of Luxembourg offers business-based programs at degree level and certificate level.

The most popular degree level programs on offer are:

  • Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Executive Bachelor of Business Administration
  • Master of Business Administration
  • Doctor of Business Administration


EBU is the business sub-school of The European University of Luxembourg, a registered research institute recognised by the Ministry of Economy in Luxembourg.  EUNI accepts research proposals from current and prospective EBU Doctorate students, as well as foreign post-doctorate students. EUNI’s focal point is needs-based research, with four interdisciplinary research priority areas to prepare Luxembourg for the future. These include:

  •   Industrial and service transformation
  •  21st century education
  •   Personalized health care
  • Sustainable and responsible development.
EUNI will create an outstanding climate of support for EUNI researchers, broadly enabling stellar research advances.


EBU has a well-connected Careers Team that is part of the EBU Student Support department.  EBU Careers support EBU students from the beginning of their enrolment, to build their professional networks and subsequently increase opportunities for graduate employment both in Luxembourg and internationally. Graduates of EBU have received positions of internship and employment with leading Luxembourg-based business and financial corporations, as well as international European-based institutions.

With the EBU-IGC collaboration, EBU students are able to gain a German work visa to seek employment in Germany after graduation.

Student services

EBU has two campus’; EBU Online Campus and EBU Campus Chateau Wiltz.  Both campuses provide students with full student support services.  EBU Campus Chateau Wiltz also provide students with student rooms and accommodation options.  Students have access to campus-wide fiber optic internet connection, allowing for mobile study/work options.  In addition, private study rooms are available, where they are able to participate in independent study or view their webinars. Conference rooms and study lounges are also available to students who wish for more room to collaborate with their peers or to participate in their online webinars.

Housing services

Student Accommodation is available to all EBU students who wish to reside in Luxembourg, dependent on visa restrictions.

A number of rooms are available, containing the necessities for any student who wishes to live on campus. Residents of these rooms also have access to a shared kitchen, the communal room, bathrooms, and Wi-Fi.

Rooms will need to be requested in advance through our student services team upon application and enrolment.

Library services

EBU students have access to an extensive online library.  In addition, a physical library is available both on-campus and in Luxembourg city, with an extensive collection of books and academic text.

ICT services

EBU encourage students to bring their own devices and utilise the extensive WiFi fast connection throughout campus locations.  ICT support is provided to all students on-campus and online, with our EBU ICT Student Helpdesk.

The European Business University of Luxembourg provides a large computer lab for all students to access during campus opening hours.

Medical services

Healthcare is not directly offered on campus, however there are private doctors available near the Campus, in the city of Wiltz. Our student services team can recommend and provide contact numbers for an array of medical health professionals.

Should there be an Emergency, the EBU campus is accessible to Emergency services and Ambulances.

Campus life

Chateau Wiltz, which lies at the center of the city Wiltz, contains all facilities that EBU offers students. Students have an array of work-place areas, including a library, study lounges, accommodation and cafés. All administration offices and student-services officers can be found at Chateau Wiltz.

The City of Wiltz houses additional needs to students such as: supermarkets, public transport, doctors, sports, pharmacies and health-care.

Should students want to explore Luxembourg more in depth, public transport is free and readily available.

Sports facilities

EBU is located in the heart of the Ardennes, in the north of Luxembourg.  Campus Chateau Wiltz is surrounded for hectares of forest with extensive walking trails. 

In close proximity to the campus, you will find a sporting complex where sports such as volleyball, basketball and soccer are played. Students will also find a pool and a variety of gyms within the Wiltz city.

Student clubs

EBU’s student support team provide numerous opportunities for student exchange and interaction, including sporting clubs and city outings.  Students are also encourages students to join our Alumni club, as it offers opportunities for students to make lasting friendships and networking opportunities.

Outside of EBU, Luxembourg has an array of social clubs and past times which students can join. Our student services team is available and can recommend suitable social clubs near by based on the students’ interests.

Accreditation is an essential element of EBU’s work as it ensures that students, candidates, and graduates have met specific standards for learning experience and professional outcomes.

All EBU programs are fully accredited by the ASBC.

The Accreditation Service for Certifying Bodies (ASBC) is an internationally renowned accreditation and membership organization. It is one of the leading international accreditation bodies in the world for schools, institutions/colleges and universities.

The European University of Luxembourg (EUNI) Research Institute is accredited by the Luxembourg Ministry of Economy.

Ettelbruck, Diekirch, Luxembourg

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