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Faculty for Transport and Logistics

Located in Ljubljana, Slovenia, FTL offers an enriched and professional learning environment. It combines the advantages of the capital city and practicality related to the transport and logistics industries.Emphasis on the practical background of our professional associates enables our students to acquire quality knowledge, which they can promptly apply in their (future) career. 

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Established by Prometni center Blisk who has 30 years of experiences in education, Faculty for Transport and Logistics is strategically located in Ljubljana, Slovenia. The location enables and provides unique synergy between the capital city and the vicinity of the transport and logistics industries. 


The 3-year programme (180 ECTS Points) is an undergraduate professional programme that has all the advantages of attractive and perspective study in a continuously growing and developing industry. 

The quality education is achieved through focus on acquisition of expertise. This is enabled through our professional associates who come directly from the transport and logistics industries and high number of professional subjects. Hence our students are exposed to the latest practices applied in the industries. 

The awarded degree is Bachelor (BA) in International Logistics Management. Alongside the degree each student automatically obtains also internationally recognised ELA certificate. 


The FTL‘s research activities can be divided into two greater groups.

In the first row we have partnered with some of Slovenian’s biggest and most successful transport and logistics companies. The partnership is based upon research work our institute (Institute for Development of Transport and Logistics) does for these companies. Some of the most up to date and troubling topics are entrusted to our research team.

In the second row, we focus on the international environment. Therefore, we issue twice per year scientific journal. The core topics covered in the journal aim to solve the industries’ obstacles through scientific methods.


Upon the successful completion of International Logistics Management programme at Faculty of Transport and Logistics graduated have a wide array of career opportunities. In response to a growing demand for flexible and with expertise equipped graduates our programme is designed to foster the skills required in international and entrepreneurial areas. 

Equipped with expertise our graduates are ready to start contributing and performing at their working place from the first day onwards. Additionally, FTL’s graduates have multicultural awareness, are innovative thinkers and action takers. 

Student Life

Campus life

New and modern campus, which creates encouraging study environment. 


NAKVIS (Slovenian Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education)

Ljubljana, Ljubljana, Slovenia

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