IE (previous structure)

IE is an international institution dedicated to educating business leaders through programs based on our core values of global focus, entrepreneurial spirit and a humanistic approach. It has since been restructured to 

Distance Learning Courses



Recognized as one of the world’s top centers of learning, IE runs undergraduate, graduate and executive education programs at IE Business School, IE Law School, IE School of Architecture and Design, IE School of Human Sciences and Technology, and IE School of International Relations.

IE offers programs in fields that include business administration, law, finance, international relations, architecture, big data and technology, communication and media, and human behavior.


IE and its Career Management Center have a twofold commitment. On the one hand they seek to help students take full advantage of their professional opportunities, while on the other they also provide the recruiters who hire our talent with support to provide them access to the profiles that best suit their requirements.

The Career Management Center counsels students about how to turn their career ambitions into personal branding expressed in aunique CV, a consistent online presence, and the right network, which will contribute to the accomplishment of these career pursuits.


Student services

Welcome to IE! In order to ensure that your IE experience is as smooth as possible, Student Services offers you resources and information vital for your move to Madrid. From obtaining the student visa to finding accommodation, exploring medical insurance options or getting mobile phone service, we are here to assist you.

Housing services

In addition to the agreements we have with several real-estate agencies, IE has an accommodation web page where you can easily find apartments for rent near campus. We also offer information about the city itself, public transportation, etc.

Our office provides different tools to help you with the housing search, both before and after your arrival in Spain. We have a database of apartments and rooms in shared flats for rent near campus, as well as agreements with real estate agents and discussion forums.

Library services

The IE Foundation Library is located on the -1 and 2 floor of the building at María de Molina, 31 bis. It has 167 reading posts with Internet access and an iPads and tablets loan service, as well as room material and chargers. The entire library has WiFi and the paper collection is freely accessible.

Student Life

Campus life

Our mission is helping students to make the most out of their IE experience by:

  • Supporting students in organizing extracurricular activities on campus,
  • creating an engaged community based on the diversity of our student body,
  • encouraging the sharing of common interests among students,
  • boosting the opportunity to develop personal and group skills in a stimulating and engaging environment.

Student clubs

The IE Student Clubs are the engine of the IE experience and a crucial part in the creation of a unique, global and fun-filled experience of a committed community with diverse common interests –geographic, professional, social and sports-, that maximizes the opportunities offered by the diversity of our students, faculty and staff.

The IE Student Clubs are organized by the community and for the community! Don’t miss out any of the activities because it’s a great and unique opportunity to widen your network and share your experiences, hobbies and similar concerns.


IE is accredited by the three leading accreditation entities for business education: AACSB, EQUIS and AMBA.


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