IULM University is the Italian centre of excellence in the fields of Foreign Languages, Communication, Tourism and Cultural Heritage, each and all of strategic importance and ever-developing. The mission of IULM University is to train excellent professionals/specialists through an education based on the deep knowledge of communication strategies and foreign languages.

Top 3 reasons to study here

  • IULM University is determined in its aim to provide its students with cultural training through innovative courses of study.
  • The mission of IULM University is to train and teach professionals on the challenges and grasping the opportunities emerging from international markets.
  • IULM guarantees its students deep cultural awareness and a solid university education - a mix of theory and practice.



The University Institute of Modern Languages (IULM) was founded in 1968 by the Fondazione Scuola Superiore for Interpreters and Translators, under the inspiration of Senator Carlo Bo and Professor Silvio Baridon. From the very beginning the idea behind the project was to satisfy the demands of the labor market based on the analysis of current trends.


Today it is a well-established institution in the socioeconomic mechanisms of its area of influence: a privileged condition that allows it to approach important non-academic bodies and institutions in order to propose joint projects that can produce added value for teaching and research.


The key to success is research: to understand how to adapt the university’s range of training opportunities and to fix realistic goals for its graduates and for the companies who will reap the benefits in the near future. This is why we invest so much energy and so many resources in research. Over the years, allocations have grown consistently and now include scholarships, research benefits and PhD scholarships as well as funds for recruiting young researchers.The Research Programs of Relevant National Interest (PRIN) provide free and autonomous research proposals, with no obligation to refer to predefined themes at the central level. 


Student services

  • Orientation, Tutoring and Counseling Office

Library services

Over 240,000 volumes, more than 1,300 periodicals and about 56,000 films, documentaries and language courses. At the IULM library you can consult and borrow material for your research, for your study or simply for your entertainment. A service suitable for students.

ICT services

IULM University has updated its Wi-Fi service to cover the entire Campus. The new wireless service and its infrastructure guarantee ease of connection, fast browsing speed and suitable protection.

Student Life

Campus life

A site that came into being in 1993 and which has been in continual expansion ever since. A place where studying does not just mean being in a lecture room but means understanding, coming into contact, communicating. And where the services for students are always within easy reach.

Designed by Roberto and Lorenzo Guiducci and completed in 1993, the main building on Via Carlo Bo is IULM University's core nucleus.  It is coated on the outside by red bricks and surrounded by a porticoed courtyard, and ties in harmoniously with the architectural traditions of Milan.

Student clubs

Living the IULM Campus also means having the opportunity to engage in activities organized by student associations. A way to enrich the years of study together with those who share with you the field of study or geographical origin.

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