Top 3 reasons to study here

  • The Centre international de formation europeenne (CIFE) is one of the most renowned institutions of postgraduate academic education in Europe.
  • "Learning and living Europe" The participants in five of its Master's programme rotate each trimester, moving their place of study in different vibrant cities.
  • CIFE offers intrinsically European education, going beyond the teaching framework of national education. Its students form an itinerant international community.



The Centre international de formation européenne (CIFE) was created in 1954. Its founders, in particular Alexandre Marc, understood the urgent necessity to train professionals and citizens in the subject of a united Europe.


We offer postgraduate university courses; summer university programmes; general education by means of seminars and international apprenticeships; the furthering of knowledge and debate in conferences; the transmission of information and communication by means of our review L’Europe en formation and our various other publications.


CIFE has opened itself to the challenges new Europe has presented by complementing the natural openness which Nice offers towards Western Europe and the Mediterranean with the openness in Berlin towards Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltic Sea and the openness in Istanbul towards Turkey and beyond.

The culmination of our activities has been made possible thanks to the support of local, regional and national authorities, business and foundations, the largest of international organisations but most of all thanks to the confidence that leaders of the European Communities have placed in CIFE from the very beginning and which the EU has continually and resolutely supported.


The graduates of CIFE’s Master’s programmes work as Senior officials in European institutions, policy officers within the UN framework, administrators, diplomats, consultants, researchers for think tanks, lobbyists, and academic experts.

Distance Learning Courses

Humanities (1)
Social Sciences (1)


CIFE’s Alumni succeed in the professional world. The French state has recognised CIFE’s graduate programmes as a qualification of the Master level (level 7 EQF). This recognition demonstrates not only that the graduates of CIFE’s Master’s programmes are employable, but also that they are in employment. The accrediting body (CNCP) verifies that at least three quarters of CIFE’s graduates work in the professional field covered by the qualification.

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