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Utrecht Summer School

The Utrecht Summer School is a cooperation of the Utrecht University, HU University of Applied Sciences and HKU University of the Arts. These institutions of higher education offer high quality, fully accredited summer courses on bachelor, master and PhD level.



The Utrecht Summer School, founded in 1987 by Utrecht University, is the largest academic summer programme in The Netherlands and belongs to the biggest summer schools in Europe.


Utrecht University is linked to the names of many prominent academics among whom Buys Ballot, Donders, Rudolf Magnus, Van Unnik and Freudenthal. The list also includes Nobel Prize Winners such as Gerard 't Hooft from the Faculty of Physics and Astronomy.


Utrecht University has developed into one of Europe's largest and most prominent institutes of research and education. Utrecht University offers the broadest spectrum of disciplines available in the Netherlands, innovative research and liaises with universities and research centers all over the world. At Utrecht University, in both teaching and research, quality is always the key.


To prepare students for their future career, the international programmes have some unique aspects:

  • Competence-based education to provide excellent professional skills
  • Individual supervision and a limited number of students per group
  • International experience: study abroad
  • Work experience at international companies


Housing services

You will be assigned to a room by the Utrecht Summer School staff. Utrecht Summer School generally tries to house students from the same course in the same accommodation. However, students enrolled in different courses might also be housed together in the same building, which gives you the great opportunity to meet international students from other disciplines.

Library services

Students in Utrecht can study in the university libraries. The libraries offers an extensive collection of literature, computer facilities and study areas. Summer School students are not allowed to borrow books from the library but feel free to stay a bit longer and do your readings on the spot.

Student Life

Campus life

The Summer School is a cooperation of the Utrecht University, HU University of Applied Sciences and HKU University of the Arts. These institutions of higher education offer high quality, fully accredited summer courses in English on bachelor, master, PhD and Post-Academic level.

Sports facilities

That’s the modern-day translation of the Latin quotation Mens sana in corpore sano (literally ‘a healthy mind in a healthy body’). Sport is something you do for fun and to keep fit. Release stress through physical exercise, push your limits or just enjoy yourself before or after a hard day studying! Stay in shape during your Summer School experience.

Utrecht, Utrecht, Netherlands

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