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University College of Hospitality Management and Culinary Arts Sant Pol de Mar

EUHT StPOL was founded in 1966 and has been a pioneer among hospitality schools in Europe by introducing its own HOTEL SCHOOL which hosts real clients. EUHT StPOL’s educational philosophy is based on "Learning by doing", this means that students gain hands-on experience from the first day at our facilities in the kitchen, bakery, hotel, reception, and purchasing department. 

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In 1966 a pioneer educational program was created in Europe. Our Hotel-School and its restaurant that host real customers is where our university hospitality students can be trained from the first day, under the supervision and direct assessment of a professional teaching staff.

  • 1963, Hotel Gran Sol opening
  • 1966, EUHT StPOL opening
  • 1969, Official recognition of EUHT StPOL


Programs are currently offered:

  • Bachelor's degree in Hospitality and Tourism Management- Spanish Version
  • Master in Hospitality Management
  • Master in Culinary Arts and Kitchen Management
Continuous improvement in hospitality and tourism is necessary. Therefore, EUHT StPOL design personalized strategic training programs for managers, in different areas such as leadership, advanced management of human resources, incorporation of new technologies, internationalization strategies, corporate responsibility, environmental management, latest tendencies in communication and marketing, as many others..


Every year EUHT StPOL celebrates the Professional Development Days (PDD) , an event where the representatives of human resources of the most important hotel chains and restaurant come to recruit our graduated students.  

The mission of the PDD is to offer our students the opportunity to attend to presentations of the companies, get interviewed and establish a professional national and international network.

The main goal is to obtain a job through a previous internship period. 

100 % of students attending the PDD get an internship contract and subsequent an employment contract in most cases.


Housing services

Our Students Residence is located in our Hotel School (Hotel Gran Sol).

3 options for accommodation:

  • Single room with daily meals included (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Shared room with daily meals included (breakfast, lunch and dinner)
  • Non-resident students who wish to stay a few days may book a room depending on availability.

Student Life

Campus life

EUHT StPOL Campus is located on the coastline of Sant Pol de Mar, a quiet environment surrounded by nature. 

Between lectures and study sessions, you’ll be able to experience the local Mediterranean cuisine, enjoy the golden coastline, and go sightseeing around. The legendary city of Barcelona is only a 30-minute drive away as well – a trip that many students frequently take at weekends.

Students have nearby facilities such as gyms, swimming pool, yacht club, shopping and nice beaches with pristine waters.


  • #1 in Spain and  #30 Worldwide by QS Ranking Hospitality and Leisure Management
  • 9 Michelin Stars belonging to 7 Chefs that were trained between our walls
  • Hotel Schools of Distinction (HSD) Member
  • Ministerial Decree of March, 24, 1969 (BOE Nº71)
  • Ministerial Decree of June 11, 1981 (BOE of August 13) 
  • Decree 187/1998 of July 21 of the Generalitat of Catalunya 
  • Royal Decree 1406/1999 of September 3 of the Spanish Government 
  • ANECA, as per the dispositions of Article 75 of the R.D. 1393/2007, of October 29, amended by the R.D. 861/2010 of July 2.

Sant Pol de Mar, Spain

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