Berlin International is a state-accredited and internationally oriented universitylocated in the heart of multicultural Berlin whose programs are taught entirely in English. Berlin International wants to promote cross-national and cross- cultural understanding.

Top reasons to study here

  • They believe that this is indispensable in a globalizing world. Cultural competence is a precondition to navigate today’s multi-cultural landscape.
  • We seek to provide an educational environment in which students are encouraged to fulfil their individual potential while also learning.
  • Berlin International is also interested in preparing students for the interconnected world in which we live by promoting cross-cultural understanding.

Distance Learning Courses

Business & Management (1)



Bahçesehir University was founded in 1998 as a foundation university by Bahçesehir Ugur Educational Institutions.Bahçesehir University is aiming to take its place among the leading universities in the world with its strong academic staff, research and educational-instructional programs on international level, study abroad opportunities and modern technical infrastructure.


Berlin International offers a total of six undergraduate degree programs within the faculties of business administration and design, all of which are taught in English. Upon completion, students will receive a German Bachelor of Arts. Our international university team of educators draw on a diverse range of teaching strategies and contemporary research methods to create clearly structured degree programs that encourage close collaboration with peers as well as focused individual project work. Each of our programs is state accredited and meets German and European quality standards.


Practical experience is a key aspect of all programs at Berlin International. Alongside developing a strong theoretical understanding of their field, BI believes that it is crucial for students to understand how this can be applied and utilized in the professional world. For this reason, they have a number of professional partnerships with businesses and organizations that work with us to help students gain real-world experience.


Student services

The Bahçesehir University International Office welcomes and assists international students during their admission process and their stay in Istanbul. The office is also helping out Turkish students who would like to study abroad.

Housing services

The University has five dormotory buildings with an occupancy of 300 students each. Two of the dormotories are located within walking distance from the university and the other three dormotories are located in the downtown area about 10 - 15 minutes away by bus.

Library services

Bahçesehir University Library, which is established on 1.400 meter square field renders service with 250.000 publications,books and electronic books.

Student Life

Campus life

The modern and spacious campus in Charlottenburg is equipped with computer labs, workshops, and a well-stocked library – everything the students need to excel in their studies. Students have access to a range of modern technology and tools to assist them in their projects. Alongside lecture rooms and generously sized classrooms, the campus also has a range of smaller rooms where students can focus and complete group work. In addition, we also offer a cafeteria where students can take a break and enjoy their meals between classes.

Student clubs

Turkish Medical Students Association