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Study Online Courses in Zürich, Zürich, Switzerland

Zürich at a glance

Zürich, Switzerland, stands out from many points of view. Being a leading global city, it is also part of the largest financial centres of the world, a top touristic destination and an unforgettable place to visit. The city benefits from its location in the centre of Europe and also near Lake Zürich and close to the Alps. From the city centre you can have a spectacular view of the mountains the Limmat river that flows out of the lake. Also called “the region of short routes”, Zürich also provides easy access to international financial institutions and research centres. There are plenty of studies that ranked Zürich as a top city regarding the quality of life and wealth. If you are looking for English universities in Europe, in Zürich you will find an efficient environment and an emphasis on education that international students appreciate. Study abroad in Switzerland and discover a complex and natural city!


Studying in Zürich

Zürich is a leading education centre where you may earn a valuable degree abroad. The city hosts twenty universities, colleges and other higher education institutions. Local universities are the spots where 21 Nobel Prize winners graduated.

You may earn a degree abroad in Zürich and enjoy programmes that will help you specialize your studies. Bachelor’s degree courses are available in fields such as architecture and civil engineering, mathematics or system-oriented natural sciences, education for teachers, law, theology, business, IT, linguistics, psychology or facility management.

If you are looking for a graduate school abroad, you may enrol in a Master’s degree programme in engineering, special development, biotechnology, computer science, bioengineering and technology or international studies. You have the opportunity to find a Master of Science (M.Sc.) degree or an MBA that will ease your way into employment.

PhD programmes are also available, as well as non-degree university short courses that take place during summer. While some programmes are taught in German, others have the advantage to be held totally in English.


Career opportunities in Zürich

Zürich has a close collaboration to the business environment and some of the universities also provide services for companies. Students have a high rate of employment on the local market or have internationally appreciated degrees.

Being a financial centre, the city has a flourishing economy. The most visible industry is in the services field, as well as the light industry, machinery, and textiles, together with tourism. The city is home to most of the national and foreign banks. The Swiss Stock Exchange, ABB, UBS, Credit Suisse and Zürich Financial Services are some of the main institutions in the area.


Zürich city life

Zürich is a city with an active life and many touristic and entertainment sites. Around the sites of Limmat you will find most of the monuments and institutions, among which there is the main railway station, the oldest of its kind in the country. The old town has houses with an impressive architecture and the historical site of Lindenhof and the Carolingian Imperial Palace, while the nationally famous Bahnhofstrasse is the haven of shopping.

This easy to reach city also has cultural sites such as Zürich Museum of Art, the Swiss National Museum, Centre Le Corbusier, Museum of Design, Uhrenmuseum Beyer or the North America Native Museum. You will also find UNESCO World Heritage Sites at the Prehistoric Pile dwellings around the Alps.

Outdoor experiences may begin in the Zoological Garden, Botanical Garden, the famous themed Chinese Garden or even Üetliberg and continue at the shores of Zürich Lake. Cultural events happen on a daily basis and events take place in all domains. Some of the annual ones are ZüriCarneval, the Zürich Spring Festival, Live at Sunset Festival, Zürich Film Festival, Mobile Motion Film Festival, Energy or Street Parade. Niederdorf is a notorious area for its nightlife, with plenty of bars, restaurants, lounges or clubs.

The most widespread sport is ice hockey and the city is proudly represented by ZSC Lions.

International atmosphere in Zürich

Being Switzerland’s largest city, Zürich is also a hotspot for international students and businessmen. The Swiss lifestyle reflects the city’s quality of life and this aspect is visible in all fields.

While a significant amount of the city’s inhabitants does not hold citizenship, there are high chances you will meet Germans, Italians or others. Locals are friendly and open and the city has an environment where you can learn, develop and socialize.

Weather Zürich

Zürich’s climate is based on the four seasons and its highest influences are winds and precipitations. Summers are warm and sunny, while winters may bring some frost days. Autumns and springs are cold and mild. Temperatures range from 2.9°C (37.2°F) in January and 24.0°C (75.2°F) in July.

Universities in Zürich

At ETH Zurich, students discover an ideal environment for independent thinking, researchers a climate which inspires top performance. Situated in the heart of Europe, yet forging connections all over the world, ETH Zurich is pioneering effective solutions to the global challenges of today and tomorrow.

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The University of Zurich welcomes you to accelerate your academic career while exploring Switzerland and building new friendships. UZH International Summer Schools offer interdisciplinary programs open to Bachelor and Master students from all over the world.

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Robert Kennedy College pioneered Swiss quality online learning; we offer rigorous but flexible learning programmes, enhanced by state of the art online e-learning technology that has been developed entirely in-house.

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Constructor Academy is an educational institution that offers courses and consulting services in the latest and most sought-after technology skills. Our aim is to provide access to advanced learning tools and knowledge to a wide range of individuals, from those who aspire to become data scientists and software developers to professionals involved in digital transformation.

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