Study Online Courses in Buckingham, United Kingdom -

Study Online Courses in Buckingham, England, United Kingdom

Buckingham at a glance

Buckingham is that serene town where you can meet English culture and architecture just by walking around. The river, the green place and the footprint give you a chance to relax during classes or whenever you feel the need to clear your mind.  As simple as life might be in Buckingham, the town has a complex story. The first Anglo Saxon settler founded the town that, for a few years, was also preferred by Vikings. In 1725, the town went through a local fire that is still remembered, when you look at the Gregorian architecture buildings. Earning a degree abroad in Buckingham means studying in an environment that encourages you to focus on your courses and to add an English vibe to your information about history. This is the home of the first modern university in England, and its fame still lies today in the minds of locals and students. 


Studying in Buckingham

You can find a Bachelor’s degree in fields such as Art History, Communication and Media Studies, English Literature, International Relations, Journalism, Politics, Finance, Business and Management, IT, Psychology, Law or Medicine.

After graduating, you can apply for a postgraduate Master’s degree in Law, Archaeology, Biography, English Literature, Art History, Human Rights, International Affairs, Military History, Philosophy, Security and Diplomacy, Business Administration, IT, Economics and many other fields. For some Master of Science (M.Sc.) programmes, you have the possibility to decide whether you aim for a special focus on research or on academic teaching.

While some Master’s degree programmes are available in full-time or part-time versions, the university also includes an undergraduate pathway programme catalogue in business, computing, humanities, law, international affairs or English. These last 2 – 3 terms.


Career opportunities in Buckingham

Graduates are encouraged to think about employment before their study programme ands and, therefore, the university offers a careers library with opportunities from the U.K., from multi-national employers. The graduate employment rate is also high.

The main industries in Buckingham are real estate, technology parks and higher education. Companies are from pharmacy, electronics, foods and composite materials fields and retail.


Buckingham city life

In Buckingham you can enjoy the tranquillity and leisure opportunities that nature offers you or you can get into the urban energy and go to cultural and entertainment events. Social life is visible in the local pubs, cafes and restaurants.

The Swan Pool and Leisure Centre, the Chandos Park Tennis Courts or the Chandos Parks Bowling Club and the Buckingham West End Bowls Club are some of the places where you can enjoy sports activities.

Buckingham is special for all the alleys with a special destination: circular, nearby circular, long distance walks. Together with the five minutes-drive Stowe Landscape Gardens, these make the green beauties of the town.

On Tuesdays and Saturdays are held the street markets, while every Saturday there also is the flea market and the Artisan Food Fair takes place every third Sunday of the month.

International atmosphere in Buckingham

Population in Buckingham consists of locals and international students. Due to the presence of a large university in their town, locals are friendly and helpful to foreigners. You can enjoy a chat with your colleagues almost everywhere in town and also spend time with some of the locals.

Most of the students come from the U.K., Afghanistan, Australia, China, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Algeria, Bahrain, Egypt, Bahamas, Brazil, Canada and Armenia.

Local community groups and organizations are present in town for most of the concerns, including the promotion and improvement of Buckingham.

Weather Buckingham

Buckingham has a typical British climate, with windy and snowy winters, temperate springs and autumns and relatively warm summers. Rain is most common in September and October. The coldest month, January, has temperatures around 8°C (46.4°F). In August are the highest temperatures, that have an average of 23°C (73.4°F).

Universities in Buckingham

Buckingham is unique. It is the only independent university in the UK with a Royal Charter, and probably the smallest with around 2,700 students (approx 1,600 on campus). Honours degrees are achieved in two intensive years of study. We keep class sizes small, with a student:academic staff ratio of 10.4:1 and the Oxbridge style tutorial groups are often personalised and always exhilarating.

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