Study Online Courses in Montreux, Switzerland -

Study Online Courses in Montreux, Vaud, Switzerland

Montreux at a glance

Montreux is the city of Switzerland where you will find the peace given by Lake Geneva and the urban vibe given by a touristic hotspot. Castles and sites provide you the natural atmosphere, while the large number of international students will make you feel like home. Study in Europe in one of the top universities of Montreux and discover the Swiss lifestyle!


Studying in Montreux

In Montreux, you have the chance to earn an undergraduate degree or find a graduate school abroad that helps you specialize your knowledge in successful fields, such as business and hospitality. The programmes you will find have a broad approach towards the aspects involved in these industries.

If you wish to apply to a Bachelor’s degree, you will find programmes in international hospitality or events management, business administration, sports and entertainment, economics, entrepreneurship and marketing.

Your Master’s degree in international business, organizational leadership, hospitality and finance and other fields is also available in one of Montreux’s universities. You may also apply to an executive programme or online degree courses that lead to an MBA in one of the industries mentioned above. Students who are already employed often apply to an online Master’s programme on business administration.

PhD programmes are also available and focus on practical experience. If you wish to combine a two-weeks holiday with a programme, you may also look at the university short courses offer in hospitality management.


Career opportunities in Montreux

Universities are involved in the employment process of their students and focus on forums, events and a close collaboration to high profile companies. Employment is possible even in large and internationally known companies or as CEOs.

The city’s unemployment rate is very low, while the economy is stable. Most of the locals are employed in agriculture, forestry, fishing, manufacturing, construction, wholesale, hotels and restaurants, IT, finance and other fields.


Montreux city life

Montreux’s unique city life is based on the city’s history, its urban energy and music. The bay of Lake Geneva is animated by parks, concerts and monuments. The city provides plenty of activities including trips to the nearby Chateau de Chillon, Wine Train, Chateau La Tour-de-Peils or the small village of Gruyeres.

Some of the city’s monuments are the Old Montreux, the Châtelard Castle, Hôtel Montreux Palace, Marché couvert or the Territet, along with Villa Karma. The statue of Freddie Mercury with the cover of the Queen “Made in Heaven” album is also a touristic hotspot.

In your free time, you can relax while hiking, swimming or even snowboarding. Parks are also popular, as well as trips with the Golden Pass Line, that offers a panoramic view of the city.

Cultural events that take place annually are the Septembre musical de Montreux, the Golden Rose festival, Montreux Jazz Festival and the advertising event of the Golden Award of Montreux. Bars and restaurants are also in charge of the city’s nightlife.

International atmosphere in Montreux

Montreux is considered an international hotspot, due to its large amount visitors and tourists. Almost half of the inhabitants are foreign nationals and the population rate is still dynamic.

French-speaking locals are followed by Germans and Italians. However, international students often find an accredited programme in Montreux and their number is significant.

Weather Montreux

Climate of Montreux involves warm and pretty humid summers, with occasional rainfalls. In winter it might snow. Temperatures have averages of 4.5°C (40.1°F) in January and 24.9°C (75°F) in July.

Universities in Montreux

Gain career enhancing expertise from one of the world's leading hospitality schools, Les Roches eAcademy. Choose from subjects across F&B, Marketing, Finance and Sustainability.

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Housed in historical former Swiss Palace hotels, Swiss Hotel Management School (SHMS) is focused on “Learning By Doing,” offering a world-class hotel management education based on the heritage of Swiss hospitality traditions. SHMS programmes reflect the diversity of the service sector and are designed to meet the needs of the industry setting standards for the 21st century.

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Swiss School of Higher Education is a private accredited business school based in Switzerland – the heart of Europe’s luxury, finance and hospitality. Here, we believe that bad students simply do not exist. We retain the size of a boutique university, in which each class has up to 10 students. This allows the faculty and the administration to give full attention to each individual’s learning.

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